Tuesday, March 7, 2017


This first hike (was actually a walk) I made the boys do and they were all super hot and grumpy.  Hahaha.  Everyone was happier when we went and got lunch afterwards, but they love me and do these things with me even if they don't love it.  I don't blame them, it was a lot hotter than we had anticipated.  

This next hike was up to St. Mary's Glacier.  You basically walk up an old river bed, and it is definitely a hike.  But it was pretty short and SO worth it.  
I cringe each time I look at this picture.  Poor Rai fell and hit his head on a rock.  


Better late than never right?  I just found this Halloween draft in my blogger, so it is time to post! Even if I can't remember anything about these pictures.  

We painted pumpkins, which Rai still talks about all the time and asks to do it.  Such a simple activity that left a mark.  Maybe we should paint some rocks or something. 

For MONTHs, i kid you not, even before Mylo was born, Tracen talked about them being Alvin and the Chipmunks for Halloween.  I got their costumes put together and Tracen saw himself in the mirror and hated it.  he didn't think he looked cool at all, and so he ended up being Iron Man and then a skeleton.   Poor guy thought i was trying to make him bad and have the kids make fun of him.  Unfortunately this is the only picture I got of the 3 of them dressed as the Chipmunks.  Rai still rocked his Alvin costume though and made the perfect little Alvin. 

Some brain cake i made for the Ward Party that I didn't end up going to. 

Tracen made his own Halloween decorations and I found these little drawings everywhere around the house.  He learned to use tape and not glue afterwards. 

And we even carved pumpkins!  It was late and we probably should have put them to bed and Luke had work stuff going on, but Tracen was SO happy that we just took a breath and spent the 20 minutes carving and he got some undivided attention from Luke.  It's the little things and that special attention that means so much. 

I got to be a parent volunteer for Tracen's class party.  And I was the only Mom dressed up.  I felt a little weird, but Tracen thought it was awesome that I dressed up. 

On Halloween we ended up walking down to the Browns house and they took us with them to the Jones' family Halloween party, they had a hayride that Luke took the boys on and they went on it to a different part of the neighborhood and trick-or-treated over there.  They had such a good time.  

Monday, March 6, 2017

Tracen - Testimony

A few months ago Tracen went with Luke to a baptism.   At the baptism they passed out cards for the people who attended to write down their testimony on.  Tracen asked what a testimony was, and Luke told him it was what he knew was true.   It made sense to Tracen and he wrote down a simple testimony about God living or loving us.  Testimony has been a hot topic in our house ever since.

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting at church and Tracen wanted so badly to go up and share his testimony with everyone.  He wrestled with the idea the whole meeting and then finally got the courage to go, and went to talk to Luke about it, Luke told him that if he wanted to go he had to be able to do it by himself.  Tracen was the final testimony of the meeting.  He proudly walked up to the pulpit, grabbed the mic and placed it right in front of his mouth and bore the sweetest most sincere testimony.  It really is HIS testimony, it is the things that he knows and believes and things that I have tried to teach him, but I never have I told him that those things should be his testimony too.

After Sacrament I quickly wrote in my notes on my phone so I wouldn't forget:

"Tracen bore his testimony today, by himself, in sacrament meeting.  He has been asking and telling us what his testimony is and really wanted to go up and share it with everyone.  It was simple but so heartfelt.  He testified that he knows God lives and that he blesses us everyday.  He testified that God loves us and loves everyone on this earth and that we will see him again one day and meet him.  And he said once more that God loves us.  What spirit he brought to my heart and I am so proud of him and feel so lucky to be his Mom."

When he came to sit down, Rai looked at him proudly and said, "Wow Tracen, you are so lucky!"  It was so cute and he sure admires his older brother.

He received so many compliments and comments regarding his testimony for the rest of church.  Brother Toronto who was sitting beside us shook his hand and said, "You know what I liked best about your testimony was that someone who was at church today really needed to hear exactly what you said".   Later at home we had the doorbell ring, and the Bishop came and said, "I just wanted to shake your hand".

I often feel this burden on my shoulders of all the things that need to do to teach my kids everything, but I promise they come with their hearts burning of truth and can recognize it in their lives.  They are sponges for it, and they are taught best by the spirit and by love, and I just really need to foster that spirit and love and they will know.  

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jamie's Baby Shower

My blog has been neglected and it is making me feel sad.  I want to try to get into some sort of routine and bring it back to life.  For some reason I used to want to share all my photos on instagram etc, but lately I feel like I want to keep them all for myself, for my kids to look back on, and my blog has been the best journal of our life, so lets get to it!  I also have ZERO space on my hard drive and so no room for photos and my computer keeps acting up a bit. 

But anyways,  we had the chance to go to Utah and attend Jamie's Baby Shower.  Chelsea did an AMAZING job and it was so beautiful and perfect.  She had studio time at a studio in SLC and it was the perfect setting.  She had great chargers, goblets, cutlery, plates, candles and succulents for the best place settings.  

Erika and I attempted Leige waffles (which apparently are just like Waffle luv but i have never had that) and they turned out.  It was an adventure trying to find pearl sugar, and we never found it, so we bought european style sugar cubes and broke them up, it seemed to work out. 

There was also frittatas, chocolate cake and cinnamon buns. 

We each wrote out a card of wishes for their baby, and one of predictions and everyone shared 2 things from their cards. 

We also played a game where we took photos of Jamie and Chet and tried to create what we thought their baby would look like, it was a lot of fun!

It was so fun to have 4/6 of us girls there, and Mom and to see some family and lots of friends.  

while at the shower, the boys (lincoln, Luke, Chet, Tracen and Rai) went to the Lego Batman Movie.  Tracen had been looking forward to "Boys Day" for weeks and their motto "no girls, no issues" or something along those lines.  We had a great long weekend spent with family, eating good food, playing games and laughing.  When we were at ZUpas before we left to head back, Rai started making everyone cry with how sad he was about leaving them.  He came up to me and said, "Mom i told Reiko that I"ll never to-get (forget) her" and he was so sincere and then he told Lincoln and chet as well.  I think that for living in Denver we do a pretty good job at keeping in contact with family and seeing them as much as possible, but moments like that make me sad that we don't all live closer.