Tuesday, February 13, 2018


OH man, do I ever love these brothers.  February has been a month of little to no technology and the boys have been getting a long a lot better, using their imaginations a lot more and having so much fun.  

Mylo is finally old enough to join in on the superhero dressing up. 

One day after school, Mylo got Tracen's shoes on and it brought the boys such pure joy, I wish I could bottle it up and save it forever. 

Also, we had an FHE on work, and Tracen teaching Rai how to fold the matched socks together was so special, and all the boys helping to unload the dishes was fun to witness. 

These boys are starting to love art.  Just yesterday Tracen told me that some people call him "Tracen the artist".  

And of course Valentines box making.  I decided to just buy a kit from Target for Tracen.  The boys had a great time decorating and laughing at things only boys find funny.  

We sure love baths around here, and decided to make an ocean bath. 

The boys got some glittery play-doh from Grammy for valentines day and spent a night working together to make dinosaurs with it. 

Canada-Celebrating mom and Grandma Anderson

Friday was Judy Grandma's birthday and a family get together in Raymond as well.  We got our family together to have dinner before the big night.  

Rai was so happy to be with all the babies again. 

We went to Osho's and had our own table that fit everyone.  

It really is just so nice to be together.  Us sisters hadn't all been together since Jenelle's wedding.  Almost 3 years I think. 

Then we went to the church and got to spend time with even MORE family.  We sang happy birthday, had ice cream and German chocolate cupcakes and watched a slideshow of pictures of Grandma Anderson. 

Tracen and JJ picked up from where they left off in the summer. 

Then our whole family had a sleepover at Aunty Helen's house.  

The next morning we had pancakes.  Tracen went to his first ever Comet's basketball game with Aunty Helen and Tyken, and he sure enjoyed it.  He also got a donut and a dollar from Joel (he sure has a soft spot for Joel). 

Then we got ready for the funeral and headed to see Aunt Dawne at Good Sams.  

She was keep busy doing a puzzle of course, but it was good to visit with her, until lunch, then she announced she was leaving and we dropped her off at her lunch spot. 

We went on a quick drive to go see the farm.  

The funeral was beautiful and such a good reminder of the things that matter most in life.  What a special spirit was there.  Then the burial at the cemetery was quick and cold. 

We went back to the church to eat family meal and visit with so many loved ones who had come. 

Then we left quickly once the snow started.  It was a long memorable night sleeping in the truck after driving through the worst driving conditions of my life.  I was literally crying hysterically and thought we were going to die.  Luckily we made it to a rest stop that was beside a gas station and when we left in the morning the conditions were better, although still rough.  After 24+ hours in the truck we finally made it back home.