Friday, August 31, 2018

Baby Arlo

We got to meet baby Arlo when he was just about 3 weeks old, and it was SOO nice.  He is a dreamy baby and made me so anxious to have a newborn around again (is it weird that I love the newborn stage?)

Mylo and Reiko were really into holding him and often wouldn't want to give him back at alll. They will be the best older siblings to their new babies. 

Calgary Stampede

We got to squeeze in a trip to the Calgary Stampede with Luke before he had to fly back to Colorado. We didn't rush to get there super early, and only stayed a few hours with the boys, and it was perfect and we got to eat mini donuts and pretzels and popsicles.  We saw Jacqui, Raj, Craig, Amberly, Arlo and Troy too. 

Tracen won these sunglasses right at the start and his day was made. 

A few hours later, Jenelle and I went back to the grounds for some poutine (for me) fruit and onion blossom,  and went to the grandstand show. 

I was so impressed with it this year and loved being able to just go and enjoy time with my sister, and some music and of course the young Canadians! 


I went all Spencer Pratt and got a little obsessed with these hummingbirds haha.  Some mornings there would be like 4-5 of them humming around.  They are so beautiful and amazing to just watch. 

Cabin hike

The weather finally warmed up a bit on Thursday, and unfortunately Seth and Heidi had to go home, but Jared came with MJ and we spent one morning going for a hike. 

This hike is one of my favorite things to do at the cabin.  BC is just SO beautiful, the air is so fresh, and feels good to move around a bit (even pregnant). 

The cabin on the water

Some of these pictures make me laugh because of the coats and sweaters on the kids, and the adults getting the kids ready to go wake boarding and stuff.  OH to be young again and not really care about feeling cold., I have gotten soft. 

Tracen and Akiyah actually fell asleep in this "hot tub" made by Papa.  He would fill up the baby pools with hot water from inside, and it was a great way for them to warm up.