Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Roosevelt and Vernal

The last stop on our week trip was Roosevelt/Vernal.  I haven't been back since we moved about 3 years ago and it was so weird to go back.  I felt all sorts of sentimental and it was like walking down memory lane.  That place will always have a special place in my heart, and it is easier to look back on it with fondness than it was to live there with fondness haha.  Rai was so happy to finally see the place that he was born and where he lived his first months of life.

On Friday morning we dropped Luke and Tracen off to go golfing for "work".  And then Mylo, Rai and I drove to Vernal.  So weird how familiar it felt to drive that stretch of road between Vernal and Roosevelt.  And we just did all the things we used to do. We went to Ross and TJ Maxx.  Then it was lunchtime and so we picked up some Cafe Rio (still not a lot of restaurant options there) and headed to the park.   It was so fun to see the T Rex all dressed up and the pink dinosaur and of course our old house. 

We went to the park that I used to take Tracen to when I was pregnant with Rai and then the two of them when Rai was born.  We did the little walk around (but the fire ants were gone) and to the other park. 

I have a picture of Tracen under this same tree in the fall

It was a hot day, and so I tried to hide out in the shade as much as possible til Luke and Tracen got dropped off and we made the rest of the way home.

We stopped in Glenwood Springs for dinner and went to this cool little taco place.  It was a fun change from fast food but man were our tacos spicy that I could barely eat mine (and I like spicy).  
We made it home later that night and it was so nice to sleep in our beds and not all in the same room.


Our next stop was Bluffdale to visit Jamie, Chet and Hiro and it was just our luck that Erika was in town too!! I have a bunch more pictures, but I don't know where they are?  Probably on my phone.  We started our visit with Cubby's and then we got some shave ice and went to the park close to Jamies.  We stayed in a hotel because it was a work trip, and enjoyed the continental breakfast at the hotel in the morning and headed back over to Jamies.  Luke stayed at her place to work while the rest of us went to the best splash park/playground I have ever been too!  It was the perfect way to spend our morning.  

Then we were headed to Zupa's for lunch (Tracens favorite) and ended up parking in front of a new place that was having its opening day (Protein foundry) and so I got Tracen and Luke their Zupas and the rest of us enjoyed Acai bowls and Erika's toast.  Erika had to run to a wedding in SLC, and so Jamie and I put our babies down for naps, and went for a quick trip to the mall.  For dinner we went to JCW's and then we were on the road again.  

Having a little bit of time with my sisters was just what I needed.  Mylo has such a love for Erika and is now so confused about where she lives and who lives there with her.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Zions national park

A week or so ago we decided to tag along with Luke on his work trip.  We made a week out of it and it was a lot of fun and super tiring haha.  While Luke was at work the one day I took the boys to Zion National Park.  I have never been there before, and didn't know quite how it would go, but was optimistic. 

We arrived a little later than I had planned, parked in one of the first places I saw available and walked down into the park.  It was already getting hot, and I didn't have a carrier for Mylo (who loves to be held still) and was carrying my bag full of water and lunch.   We had to wait in line to get on the shuttle for almost an hour.  But the boys were happy to ride a bus.  I had planned for us to do the shortest hike.  So we got off at our stop, and by then everyone was hungry, so we ate our lunch.  After lunch the boys were saying they didn't want to hike, and I didn't want to have to drag them through a hike, so we headed back to the shuttle stop again.

We decided to just do the riverwalk.  There was still some complaining because it was so hot.  But nothing that some throwing rocks the water couldn't fix. 

Zions is so beautiful, and I would love to go back sometime when I have more help with the boys and the weather isn't quite so hot.  

We got back on the shuttle and rode back to the entrance.  

Everyone was exhausted and I was feeling like the day was kind of a bust.  But when we picked up Luke from work, the boys were telling him how awesome and fun their day was.  It made me happy that from their perspective it was all worth it.  

That night we got to have dinner at Luke's bosses beautiful house, which was a lot of fun and our kids played so happily together.   We stayed a lot longer than we had planned because they were having so much fun.  Maybe one day we can live in a small town with a giant yard.  

We spent the next morning walking to Einsteins for bagels and then swimming the morning away at the pool until late checkout. Then we waited for Luke to pick us up and headed on our way out of town to our next stop, stopping for some in-and-out (for the boys) before leaving town. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

National Donut Day

There is nothing I love more than donuts.  okay, maybe s'mores (but not s'more flavored things, just the real deal).  On National Donut Day, I began the day thinking that I would be okay and I should probably just pass up on this holiday (for my health and waistline), but by the time the afternoon came, I was wanting donuts so bad.  I knew I had missed the boat with our local favorites, and didn't want to drive or feel sick from Krispy Kreme, so I made our own.  I even scrapped together all the berries in my fridge for some berry filling.  We actually had barely enough sugar or flour, and so it was a miracle I could even get these made without a trip to the grocery store. 

Mothers Day photoshoot

I don't remember now if it was February or March, but we were asked to do some promo shots Suzy in her photography studio for her Mothers day set.  It was the perfect excuse to get dressed up and get some fun shots of me and my boys.  So I went through the 120+ photos and then picked my favorites and still had 46 I loved, so then I picked from those and so here are way too many photos of me and my favorite boys (wish I had a few with Luke too). 

Mylo was a little grumpy and wanted to be held by Suzy more than anything haha, but I am glad we still got a few good shots of him, if anything it shows his true personality.