Thursday, December 20, 2007

apple faces

okay soo last night my friend blake called me and asked if i had ever had an smileyface apple. i hadn't.. soo he came over and we made some... they are SOO fun to make.. and healthy too.

i'm coming home tomorrow.. and i can't wait.. (you can say that again) i can't wait come home tomorrow.

Monday, December 17, 2007

even better lights

okay so this is a house in American Fork... it runs from 6-10 i think.. its pretty sweet. merry christmas.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

lights..lights..and more lights

Last Saturday i went with my roommates, minus rylie, went to Salt Lake to pick up Brett's sister who bought a new car. (i was pretty jealous of her car) we decided that since we were there we would go see the lights. i've never seen temple square at christmas and all lit up, and it looked pretty. It was pretty cold outside as well, and so our time there was cut a bit short. but i got a few pictures i liked.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Brylie!

Well December 3rd is my favorite little neices birthday. She is turning THREE! its her golden birthday i guess. I hope she knows how much i miss her and i love her. Here are some pictures she had me take with her while i was home for thanksgiving! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYLIE!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

no place like home for the holidays

Yes i know that is a christmas song.. and i was home for american thanksgiving.. but it was a holiday none the less... it was awesome to be able to go home on Friday and come back like 10 days later on the following sunday.. The timing on it all couldn't have been better. I was able to stay in Raymond on Friday night and see Grandpa Anderson Friday and Saturday before he passed away peacefully on Sunday morning... what a blessing it was to be able to have one last farewell and even though he couldn't speak by the time i got there.. i will forever treasure the mintues i got to just hold his hand and feel his love for me.. and hopefully he was able to feel my love for him. Saturday was fun as i went out to the Ridge with David and Brenda and their girls and Uncle Jon.. We were lucky to have someone let us take there quads out for a ride.. what a good time that was. A whirlwind week was filled with some visits with friends.. and making cookies with brylie.. grocery shopping and coooking dinners with Angie.. and cuddling with Jamie.. shopping with Erika.. watching Daxflame with Jenelle, and hardly seeing candi. Angie and i pulled off a thanksgiving/BIRTHDAY dinner for Angie (mostly Ang did it.... and Savannah did help too) Her and Brylie were the Master Pie makers and made some delicious pies, an apple pie and 2 lemon merengue ones.. MMM!!! brylie thought the lemon was a bit tart and made this face after each bite.. soo cute! We sang Happy Birthday to Ang with the pies.. brylie always cracks up when she calls her mom ANGIE instead of mom. I couldn't believe how much brylie had grown up while i was gone.. she is so funny and smarter then expected and is good at playing mind games. One morning i went into her room and found her just waking up.. and she asked me if i wanted to color with her, i said yes, and she said "okay then go get my crayons from downstairs" and then she said "i am just gonna finish my dream i'll be down in 5 minutes.. you wake me up in 5 minutes" haha oh i love that girl. It was good to spend so much time with Angie as she is gettin ready to take off to Hawaii.. i'm sure gonna miss her.. It was a little sad that she didnt' have her baby... hopefully the little one comes soon. On Friday it was back to Raymond... and it was SOo awesome to see all my cousins... (except maybe 4) and to be together as a family. I learned so much about my grandpa that i never knew before.. like that he had gotten into BYU but never went.. and all sorts of other things. This morning we made the long trek back to Provo.. and only 4 more weeks and i get to go home for Christmas! hopefully it will go by quickly!

Monday, November 12, 2007

the mayan

So tonight i had the chance to go check out the Mayan in Sandy. It was a cool atmosphere and kinda cool to see some cliff jumpers.. the food was decent.. but i didn't feel liek i was in UTah at all. It was fun to hang out with Tom Clements and my cousin Matt though! And this weekend i'm heading home! i am SOO excited!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

these cookies look greasy

So this past weekend i went to Salt Lake City to hang out with the family. It was a good time as always. And we didn't do much and all fell asleep really early on Saturday night. Chay was impressed me and Nicole made it til 9pm. But sunday we made some cookies after dinner. Somehow we ended up adding too much butter to the first batch and so they looked something like this.Blade was helping us with the eggs:
Chay and Nicole mixing up the dough:

We had to make a new batch and they tasted pretty good. Or maybe they just seemed to tast really good because of the previous batch. I love cookies.. and spending the weekend with family!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

missing persons

okay so tonight i was working as i always am on tuesday nights.. and it was uneventful..i was just walking around and i went and listened to the opera singers practicing for 'the marriage of figero' (which i am supposed to go to for humanities.. but i don't know if i can get myself to go.. ) and on the radio's some kids got busted trying to roast marshmellows on the lights at the bell tower, it made me chuckle just a little bit.. and then as i am walking around i run into a man probably about 50 and he asks me if i have seen a college age girl (his daughter) wearing a long white formal skirt and a pink silk top.. she had just had a recital and he hadn't seen her since it ended.. probably about half an hour earlier.. and he had her change of clothes and whatnot.. and i hadn't seen her but i told him i would keep my eyes out for her.. well i walk around the building a couple more times and i come across the same man with another girl who was at the concert.. still with no sign of his daughter. he had just called the police and so i called dispatch to make sure that they were sending an officer over... they told me to call on the phone ( i had called on the radio) and so i did and they told me to step away from mr. fairbanks and asked me if the idea of her being missing was reasonable and that there was an officer on the way. they called me a couple more times on the radio (which has only happened once before working at the hfac.. and it was just to open a door) and so i was feeling a little important for once.. and inadequate. Well.. after talking to her father i learned that they are really dependent on eachother.. she has no car, he was her ride, and the reason they are so dependent on eachother is because her mother is deceased. The officer showed up and we organized a search on the whole building.. i stayed stationary with the father and the friend from the recital in case they needed, or we needed to get a hold of the officers. i definetly stayed late.. as eleven o clock passed... but i wanted to know where this white female, slender with medium length brown hair about 5 ft 8 in. was. As time passed i could see the worry in her father grow... and i didn't know what to say to him. he kept listing the possibilities and whenever he got to the idea that 'something bad happened' he could barely say it. Well after a search of the building no stacy was found.. the officers were sending her dad home to see if she had been there.. i was praying that things would be okay.. and i know everyone else was.. they'd since opened the search up to the rest of campus security and officers and right before her dad left.. they found her.. turns out that she had gone to the library.. yes in her formal wear, her high heels, her white skirt in the rain.. and didn't tell her dad. i was so happy for him... he was just overjoyed when he heard that. i don't really know how to end this story. but i will say this. if he had had a cell phone, this might have never happened (even though i won't lie and i'm kinda glad it did) and if her 'pay as you go' cell phone had been 'payed' then we could have tracked her down without gettin everyone involved.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

i love

i love my family so much. and my sisters are my best friends. i miss them like crazy. it was soo awesome to see my mom and dad last weekend... and i can't wait to see the rest of the family in november (hopefully.. most likely) dont' worry mike.. i'm excited to see you and brylie tooo.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


welll first things first. these are a couple pictures of our living room. we've been trying to get it looking cute the past weeks. and i think its pretty cute. we like it lots.. rylie recently moved in as our roommate judy moved out and its beeen really fun. she painted the letters above our tv. This Saturday was the homecoming game against airfoce. it was a lot of fun to go to the game.. but was a bit chilly outside and as you can see form the above picture kinda.. it RAINED on us. it was worth it cause BYU killed Airforce. but we unfortunately locked courtney's keys in her car so we were wet longer than we would have liked.

This is where are seats for the game REALLY are.. up in the corner. the first touchdown i swear we were the only people up there singing the fight song. so we moved down closer.. the 5th row to be exact.
this was our new view of the game.. it was awesome. we saw a couple touchdowns really close.. but it was just amazing to be so close to all the action. i really enjoyed it.

so here we are. apartment 1-303. me, brett, courtney and rylie. (court and rylie are cousins and both from louisiana and me and brett both from canada). It is so much fun.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sweet 16 and the fair

this past weekend i spent with the Gathers. It was nicoles birthday on friday and so i was happy to hang out with them. We went to an italian restaurant on friday night, and i'm not even going to attempt to say the name of it. the selling point on the restaurant had to be this sign on the side of the building...
the place was actualy pretty cool. the food was good, nothing to rave about.. but i think i may have made it sound really shady by saying the selling point was the sanitary bathrooms. the sign was just funny. So after we went home and had cake.. it was sooo good. Aunty Wilma made it.. and did an awesome job too.

Well saturday we woke up and went to the Utah State Fair. It was a fun day. and i can't beleive we stayed there as late as we did.. Wayne Ikebuchi, my dad's cousin, who works for one of the games hooked us up with ride bracelets and so we could go on as many as we wanted. which ended up not being very many for me. because for the first time in my life i got motion sick from the rides. weird. but it was still fun.

I guess maybe the time at the fair went by so quickly because of us stopping to say bye to Wayne. He had warned us that the game he ran was addictive. but we had to find out for ourselves. Nicole and i would have sold just about anything we could have to get more tokens to keep playing.. we lost a good 2 hours there. as you can see from the pictures we are quite engaged. we won a stuffed zebra, and a stuffed fred and wilma flintstone. there is a picture below. Chay also came home with some handcuffs.. which gave uncle dave a reason to bring out his own, and do some disciplining..

it was a really fun weekend. thanks to the gathers for picking me up and bringing me back in time for work on sunday. (i thought it was weird that i work for byu and had to work sunday tooo..)