Tuesday, January 30, 2007

where the stars go

Soo... i haven't posted anything for a couple of days. I guesss i have been pretty busy, but mostly i have just been slacking at taking pictures and i hate posts without pictures so i had to wait till i had some good ones. and i still don't have any good ones, but i will post anyways..
last weekend Jerry Pratt was able to come visit. And a bunch of us headed up to Jerry's long time friends MANSION in park city. the house is AMAZING!! lucky for us they had SIX extra bedrooms for us to stay in.. so we went up and got there at like 11. it was an interesting car ride as the jeep suddenly stopped working for a bit... but the house was just beautiful. there is a basketball court in the basement, a theater room with all these theater chair and love sacs, pool, air hockey etc, a pool and my favourite a drinking fountain. The night was soo fun and we watched the gaurdian, which was a good movie. Kaiti and i slept in the youngests girls room and there was a loft in the room, as you can see from the pictures. The next morning we woke up and went down to walk in park city while we had a few minutes. We were on the lookout for stars as the sundance film festival was goin on. it was still early in the day and didn't see anyone we knew was famous forsure... but there were tons of girls with HUGE hats and sunglasses wearing the nicest outfits, and guys that hadn't shaved for a couple days that looked famous. And everywhere we turned there were paparazzi! it was fun to go in the shops and look around to say the least... apparently Jerryy's friends son saw Justin Timberlake... hmm lucky.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

24 hour fitness

Soo... i have been feeling really lazy lately. So kaiti and i went out today and got memberships to the 24hour fitness gym. Yay for us. Our roommate and another girl who lives in our complex go every morning and so i'm hoping to jump on their bandwagon. i can't wait.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

haircuts and photoshoots

i was gettin really sick of my hair.. and it had gotten to the point where i felt like i couldn't do anything with it. not to mention that it was SOO dead on the ends. So i decided to get a hair cut.. no not a trim.. a cut. Kaiti helped convince me that cuttin 4/5 inches off would be good.. so i took her word for it. I went to the Paul Mitchell Hair School that is like 2 blocks away from our place and got it cut by a student there ( for only $8)... my hairdresser Becca was actually a neice to the pres. miller, which was kinda cool. I love what she did... here are some pictures to entertain you.. kaiti and i had a bit of a photoshoot.. we do it often. there are some before and afters..

Well here are some more pictures of kaiti and it.. and mo our awesome roommmate is in one too. when kaiti and i are bored we just take pictures. we have lots of pictures.. so you all know what that means:bored... but we are getting out and meetin lots of people.. don't you worry!

one year older

It is true: January 16th i turned NINETEEN!!! insane i know!!!

I was really anxious and nervous about this birthday, as it was my first one away from home... but luckily it was a good day. The night before Aunty Wilma and Dave and the kids stopped by and brought me a cake and a rice cooker from my parents (ohh i was happy) and then the next day they took me out to dinner and kaiti came along. we went to CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) and it was SOOO good! Wilma and Dave liked it too cause kids under 10 eat free monday-thursday, and because it was my birthday i got a free sunday. I was really grateful that they came down to see me.. it really made my birthday not feel lonely!

Well then after i came back to my apartment and we had a bit of a birthday party for me i guess.. ate the cake that we hadn't eaten yet.. and took some roommmates pictures. the cake was SOO good!!!

After our cake we went to the Prestige AGAIN!!! it was late but i decided i do like that movie, even though it is a bit disturbing!!!

I am gettin used to living here.. it still feels a bit unreal. My roommmates are awesome and i think i really lucked out with them. Next weekend some of us might go up to Park City to the film festival and see if we can see some famous people.

Speakin of famous people.. i had a really exciting day, when i was walkin to class and i saw a girl i thought i knew. i almost went up to her to talk to her but i couldn't figure out where i knew her from. then it hit me as i just passed her.. it was Morgan Olsen from season one of Laguna Beach. i was SOO happy!
more posts to come

i cut my hair.. you all wanna know about it

i'm still kinda homesick though.. it is a bubble here.

Monday, January 15, 2007

some people laugh, some throw money and some just say "wow"

Okay soo my first weekend as a university student and its a LONG weekend. i beyond homesick so i wish i could have gone home somehow.. but i did the next best thing: GOT OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! Thanks to Brad Melchin and Scott Matkin, kaiti and i got to leave our apartment and had somewhere to go and someone to go with.

So friday night we went with those boys to the BYU vs UCLA volleyball game. (Which BYU won by the way) There we met some of their other friends, lots who are in our ward: Kayla, Sara and Brooke and Tyler, Matt, Jordan and Shay? and there was someone else there, but apparently he didn't make a great lasting impression on me cause i don't remember his name. Well after the volleyball game we went to deltaco cause Scott really wanted something to eat and its cheap.. we were gonna go to the prestige, but then jordan invited us all over to his house, so we went there. Jordan's place was soo nice and it put all of our homes to shame.

We soon learned that Jordan's rooommmate Shay did magic, and we all wanted to see some so jordan called him up and he came home and we had our own little magic show. He did all kinds of crazy card tricks that kept us in awe, and he said he was outta practice and kept gettin upset cause he would apparently mess up the trick, but none of us ever caught on to any of it. We all got a turn being the guinea pig for the trick and i think i was luckiest with the trick he performed for me.. mostly cause it wasn't a card trick. He had me write my initials on a quarter, and both sides of it.. then he took a can of sprite, which was an ordinary can of sprite (we got to do the inspection of the can) and then he took my quarter and somehow got it inside the can. it was pretty sweet and i think i know how he did it kinda.. but still to do that without us seeing is crazy. All in all friday night was a blast. After jordans we went back to brad and scotts apartment and played this game where you have to name songs with a certain word in them, or in a certain category. its funny cause i guess you don't actually name the songs, you have to SING them.

Saturday Kaiti and I went out with two of our roommates for the first time. We went to the mall with Tara and Rose, and then to target, and then did some more grocery shopping at walmart and then we went to krispy kremes (to get a free donut) and then coldstone. It was some good times.. and good rooommate bonding time.

Saturday night kaiti and i went on a date with scott and brad, and their roommmate matt and this girl nicole. i mean kaiti and i didn't know it was a date, but they paid for us. First we went to the icecats hockey game (for those of you who don't know who that is, it is the BYU hockey team). Lemme just say that it was like the worst hockey i have ever watched. It made for some good laughs though. I felt like i was in a movie during the national anthem, i feel so bad for laughing, but it was just too funny. This 8 year old girl gets up to sing.. and at first everyone was like aww cute.. and then she hits a wrong note, and another, and suddenly the key changes.. and then she stops singing, and the whining starts, and then she gets a prompting for the words " the rockets.." and she says the words and tries to sing them, but she just can't and she is like wailing in the mic and finally is like i, sob sob, can't.. and runs off.. i can't even do the story justice on here. The hockey game didn't get much better, with icecats checking their own team members, and slipping all over the place, which i can understand as the ice is slippery.

After words we went to the prestige, which i am like dying to watch again so i can really understand it. but all in all i think i enjoyed it.

Yesterday kaiti and i finally made it to our ward.. the right one that is. It seems like it'll be fun
i gotta run but here are some pictures:
Me, Kaiti and Rose
Kaiti, Me and Rose and this little kid that wanted in our picture
Me, Kaiti, Tara and Rose at Coldstone.. SOO DELISHH
Kaiti and i after the movie in our rooom
Our first sunday goin to the RIGHT ward


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

i forgot to mention

i miss mike too.. i didn't write him in that one blog cause i thought that might be weird for him.. but after talkin to him tonight we both agreed it isn't..
this is for you mike

the first couple days

Okay so it's only been like three days and i'm pretty sure i've gotten the hang of making my way to all the classes i need to go to (three of my classes are all in the same building, so that just means i need to know where 3 buildings are, and i do know). Today i studied for 2 hours before American Heritage, i think that will be my hardest class by far so i might have to up that.

Kaiti and i finally got our stuff unpacked... because the girls we live with were here before, we need to ask them for some cupboard space and stuff - we're still tryin to build up the nerve to do that. My roommates other than kaiti are; tara (a history major and a teacher assistant in American Heritage), Candice (an identical twin from Brigham City), Rose (from Alaska) and Mo? ( we don't know much about her yet).. they all seem pretty cool and nice. I am really praying that we will all get along, or at least all be able to live with eachother.

On Monday night kaiti and i had our first grocery shoppin experience, we bought only healthy food and we are hopeful (like many others) not to gain the freshman 15. I think we are gonna have to do more than just eat good.. and i want to incorporate some exercise into my life, especially with my families "The Biggest Loser" going on.

So far everything seems to be alright, i feel a little homesick, well not even homesick, more or less, people sick. so if anyone out there wants to email me.. they should feel free to do so and my email is alana.dawn@gmail.com.

Here are some better picture of my new room.. and some of me and my rooomie

Monday, January 8, 2007

bittersweet beginnings and endings

My life has changed completely... from the world of workin full time to living in the US and going to school. Its only my first day of classes and i already know there are some adjustments to be made. But my adventure here started before today...

I left for Utah with some of my family on New Years Day (after a fun night of partying of course). We made just to southern alberta where we stayed the night in Raymond and i was able to say a goodbye to a good friend there and we played some gnarly games of UNO. We drove to Salt Lake the next day and spent the next couple days there with Auntie Wilma, Uncle Dave, Chay, Nicole and Blade. We mostly just ate and did some of the necessary shopping for me. On Thursday we finally made our way down to Provo through the snow. It wasn't until Friday night that I got most of my stuff moved into the apartment ( it is still waiting to be unpacked). Saturday my family left.. it was hard to see them go. Before they left it had felt like a vacation and so i had a bit of an awakening when they were actually gone... but only for a couple hours and kaiti and her mom picked me up. I spent the past couple of days with them and last night was the first night i actually slept at the apartment.

We upgraded our room to the bigger one... i brought so much stuff the extra money is well worth it. I am living in Liberty Square and i have 5 other roommates and i share a room with kaiti pratt. Lucky for me that i get to room with my best friend. I don't know about her, but i am glad we have eachother. she is my little bit of home here... together we still do some stupid things, like yesterday we went to the wrong ward. Better luck next week i guess, and it was a good way to meet some more people.

Today is my frst day of classes, and i'm happy that the walk to campus is just under 7 minutes...I was a bit relieved to see a familiar face in my first class (Katherine Way), but I kind of like that the class is HUGE so i can just blend in. It will take some time for me to get used to talkin about gospel principals in my classes and opening each class with a prayer. I think i will adjust to that quickly and it is kind of nice cause i do know the gospel so thats at least one thing i'll be able to understand.

I am missing home like crazy; well actually just missing my sisters and parents and a few of my good friends there. But i hear that its normal to miss home.

ohh just some of what i'm missing