Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the first couple days

Okay so it's only been like three days and i'm pretty sure i've gotten the hang of making my way to all the classes i need to go to (three of my classes are all in the same building, so that just means i need to know where 3 buildings are, and i do know). Today i studied for 2 hours before American Heritage, i think that will be my hardest class by far so i might have to up that.

Kaiti and i finally got our stuff unpacked... because the girls we live with were here before, we need to ask them for some cupboard space and stuff - we're still tryin to build up the nerve to do that. My roommates other than kaiti are; tara (a history major and a teacher assistant in American Heritage), Candice (an identical twin from Brigham City), Rose (from Alaska) and Mo? ( we don't know much about her yet).. they all seem pretty cool and nice. I am really praying that we will all get along, or at least all be able to live with eachother.

On Monday night kaiti and i had our first grocery shoppin experience, we bought only healthy food and we are hopeful (like many others) not to gain the freshman 15. I think we are gonna have to do more than just eat good.. and i want to incorporate some exercise into my life, especially with my families "The Biggest Loser" going on.

So far everything seems to be alright, i feel a little homesick, well not even homesick, more or less, people sick. so if anyone out there wants to email me.. they should feel free to do so and my email is

Here are some better picture of my new room.. and some of me and my rooomie


.Ang. said...

Nice set up Lan!
Looks Pretty cute! That's nice that you are getting to know your roommates and stuff! did you say the one was an american history major or something? and that thatis the class that you will have the hardest time with??/ hmmm
Just wondering?

It was good talking to you today!
Hope you have a good night!

I love you


KandyJill said...

Oh my HECK your blog is just making this all so much more real to me. The pictures and everything -- AHH I want to be with you guys!

KandyJill said...

Oh! And tell Kaiti to get a blog too!! We can all be the new addicted bloggers of our generation!

Anonymous said...

that's nana's room now! nana's room now AND KAITI!

My look at itures my look itures my boggg.

luv you, bye, see you waiter

Brylie Jaye Wynes