Sunday, January 21, 2007

haircuts and photoshoots

i was gettin really sick of my hair.. and it had gotten to the point where i felt like i couldn't do anything with it. not to mention that it was SOO dead on the ends. So i decided to get a hair cut.. no not a trim.. a cut. Kaiti helped convince me that cuttin 4/5 inches off would be good.. so i took her word for it. I went to the Paul Mitchell Hair School that is like 2 blocks away from our place and got it cut by a student there ( for only $8)... my hairdresser Becca was actually a neice to the pres. miller, which was kinda cool. I love what she did... here are some pictures to entertain you.. kaiti and i had a bit of a photoshoot.. we do it often. there are some before and afters..

Well here are some more pictures of kaiti and it.. and mo our awesome roommmate is in one too. when kaiti and i are bored we just take pictures. we have lots of pictures.. so you all know what that means:bored... but we are getting out and meetin lots of people.. don't you worry!

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KandyJill said...

I freaking LOVE your hair. It looks so hot. I wish I could jump on you and kiss you right now... but that is a physical impossibility. 3 weeks... 3 weeks and then I will be able to spoon with you at night! :D