Monday, January 8, 2007

bittersweet beginnings and endings

My life has changed completely... from the world of workin full time to living in the US and going to school. Its only my first day of classes and i already know there are some adjustments to be made. But my adventure here started before today...

I left for Utah with some of my family on New Years Day (after a fun night of partying of course). We made just to southern alberta where we stayed the night in Raymond and i was able to say a goodbye to a good friend there and we played some gnarly games of UNO. We drove to Salt Lake the next day and spent the next couple days there with Auntie Wilma, Uncle Dave, Chay, Nicole and Blade. We mostly just ate and did some of the necessary shopping for me. On Thursday we finally made our way down to Provo through the snow. It wasn't until Friday night that I got most of my stuff moved into the apartment ( it is still waiting to be unpacked). Saturday my family left.. it was hard to see them go. Before they left it had felt like a vacation and so i had a bit of an awakening when they were actually gone... but only for a couple hours and kaiti and her mom picked me up. I spent the past couple of days with them and last night was the first night i actually slept at the apartment.

We upgraded our room to the bigger one... i brought so much stuff the extra money is well worth it. I am living in Liberty Square and i have 5 other roommates and i share a room with kaiti pratt. Lucky for me that i get to room with my best friend. I don't know about her, but i am glad we have eachother. she is my little bit of home here... together we still do some stupid things, like yesterday we went to the wrong ward. Better luck next week i guess, and it was a good way to meet some more people.

Today is my frst day of classes, and i'm happy that the walk to campus is just under 7 minutes...I was a bit relieved to see a familiar face in my first class (Katherine Way), but I kind of like that the class is HUGE so i can just blend in. It will take some time for me to get used to talkin about gospel principals in my classes and opening each class with a prayer. I think i will adjust to that quickly and it is kind of nice cause i do know the gospel so thats at least one thing i'll be able to understand.

I am missing home like crazy; well actually just missing my sisters and parents and a few of my good friends there. But i hear that its normal to miss home.

ohh just some of what i'm missing


.Ang. said...

I love that picture! Mike looks like he photoshopped himself in. (and the "one of these things is not like the other" song from Sesame street comes to mind) Candi and Jamie look like they have a gold tooth like joe pesci in Home alone! hahaa Just kidding! i really do love it! I'm glad Brylie was able to jump in Just in time!

We miss you here! i have an "alana sized" hole in my heart. I know you aren't gone gone, but I still miss you TONS! cuz you really aren't TOO close.

yesterday we went to mom and dads and Brylie was listing everyone she was going to see. and she said "oh.. and my see lala" and i said we won't see her tonight, alana Is going to school in utah, it's kinda far away so we won't see here for a while. She got really quiet i don't know if she was confused or just a little sad. This morning she woke up and i went to get her so she could be my "cuddlebuggy" and she said "my miss lala, lala be right back, sound good"

I love you Lan, talk to you REAL soon!

.Ang. said...

ps. in reference to the title;I'LL MISS YOU LIKE NOBODY ELSE! :0) XOXO

(and yes...i realize it's actually sweet beginnings and bitter endings)

KandyJill said...

Freak Alana this is like making me cry just reading about it and wishing I was there with you to experience this all with you. It is comforting to know that you and Kaiti together still have some stupid moments... you haven't really changed YET! Can you imagine what it would be like if the 3 of us were there together? Haha I can... and ooh boy we would be in trouble... but at least we'd be together. Again -- wishful thinking! But don't worry... I will [hopefully] be down there soon enough to liven up the party a little. Haha. Well keep your eyes out for some hot boys... but one date only -- because you've heard about Sara's experience in Idaho... second date and she got proposed to. No way josé! Not yet! Anyway I freaking love you. I'm glad you guys have made it there safely. Miss you and love you till death will we NEVER part! YBIMH KHO