Sunday, January 21, 2007

one year older

It is true: January 16th i turned NINETEEN!!! insane i know!!!

I was really anxious and nervous about this birthday, as it was my first one away from home... but luckily it was a good day. The night before Aunty Wilma and Dave and the kids stopped by and brought me a cake and a rice cooker from my parents (ohh i was happy) and then the next day they took me out to dinner and kaiti came along. we went to CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) and it was SOOO good! Wilma and Dave liked it too cause kids under 10 eat free monday-thursday, and because it was my birthday i got a free sunday. I was really grateful that they came down to see me.. it really made my birthday not feel lonely!

Well then after i came back to my apartment and we had a bit of a birthday party for me i guess.. ate the cake that we hadn't eaten yet.. and took some roommmates pictures. the cake was SOO good!!!

After our cake we went to the Prestige AGAIN!!! it was late but i decided i do like that movie, even though it is a bit disturbing!!!

I am gettin used to living here.. it still feels a bit unreal. My roommmates are awesome and i think i really lucked out with them. Next weekend some of us might go up to Park City to the film festival and see if we can see some famous people.

Speakin of famous people.. i had a really exciting day, when i was walkin to class and i saw a girl i thought i knew. i almost went up to her to talk to her but i couldn't figure out where i knew her from. then it hit me as i just passed her.. it was Morgan Olsen from season one of Laguna Beach. i was SOO happy!
more posts to come

i cut my hair.. you all wanna know about it

i'm still kinda homesick though.. it is a bubble here.

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KandyJill said...

Happy Birthday Lover!! Sad I couldn't be there with you -- glad to hear you had fun!