Tuesday, January 30, 2007

where the stars go

Soo... i haven't posted anything for a couple of days. I guesss i have been pretty busy, but mostly i have just been slacking at taking pictures and i hate posts without pictures so i had to wait till i had some good ones. and i still don't have any good ones, but i will post anyways..
last weekend Jerry Pratt was able to come visit. And a bunch of us headed up to Jerry's long time friends MANSION in park city. the house is AMAZING!! lucky for us they had SIX extra bedrooms for us to stay in.. so we went up and got there at like 11. it was an interesting car ride as the jeep suddenly stopped working for a bit... but the house was just beautiful. there is a basketball court in the basement, a theater room with all these theater chair and love sacs, pool, air hockey etc, a pool and my favourite a drinking fountain. The night was soo fun and we watched the gaurdian, which was a good movie. Kaiti and i slept in the youngests girls room and there was a loft in the room, as you can see from the pictures. The next morning we woke up and went down to walk in park city while we had a few minutes. We were on the lookout for stars as the sundance film festival was goin on. it was still early in the day and didn't see anyone we knew was famous forsure... but there were tons of girls with HUGE hats and sunglasses wearing the nicest outfits, and guys that hadn't shaved for a couple days that looked famous. And everywhere we turned there were paparazzi! it was fun to go in the shops and look around to say the least... apparently Jerryy's friends son saw Justin Timberlake... hmm lucky.

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