Tuesday, February 20, 2007

friendly visitors

Well last tuesday my best friend Kandice came to visit from home.. i don't have time to blog too much right now.. but here are some pictures.. i cut my hair MORE... and we took some pictures last night... now candi and my dad are here and i am soo happy they are too. we are gonna go to the basketball game tomorrow night and had a good sunday and monday with the gathers. we always laugh so much when we are all together.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

I am B's HUNNY

Okay so tonight we went to the BYU volleyball game, or at least me, brad melchin and mike salmon did, kaiti and scott who were parking the car didn't get into the game. We were playing the number 2 ranked team and we won, which makes sense, because we are the number 1 team. Afterwards we heard that b-money was gonna be at liberty square so we went to check it out. i had no idea who he was.. but i was SOO glad i went. he told me i was his b-hunny. for those of you who don't know who he is.. he is legendary down here.. he has a music video on youtube. (http://youtube.com/watch?v=SlGh64-l4IU) you should check it out.. if that link doesn't work go to youtube and search b money. click on the first video. he is dead serious about 'his business'. it was soo funny and i was laughing kinda hard. which i know is bad. he was sellin his merchandise and i gotta get a picture from brad of that. but either way i met him and got some pictures with him. i love these brushes with celebrities.

i look dumb in the picture cause i was tryin not to laugh.

as he would say.. can't leave a brother hanging.. bzzzz

power tumbling and the fray

I feel bad because i have soo much to post.. and so i am not telling all the details i was wanting to tell when i experienced all of it.. but i have heard that people want me to update. so i am finaally.

Anyways.. tuesday night we went power tumbling. our roommate mo arranged it. what it is is you just pay 6 bucks and get to play in a gymnastics center for an hour and a half. it was really fun and i wish i knew how to put video clips on here, because i have a really good one of this 275 pound guy 'taking out the mail'. Pretty much i am the mail and he just tackled me into the foam blocks pit. it was sweeet. i'll post a picture of me holding up the mailbox waitin to be tackled. i can't wait till we go again.

Then wednesday night kaiti and i went to see the fray in concert. It took us an hour to get there.. and we missed like all of the opening act. Traffic was INSANE! the concert was just at UVSC, so like 10 minutes from our house, and yes like i said took an hour to get there. But the concert was SOO worth it. after a long day at school, i was glad the concert was one where we mostly just sat and listened. they were soo good live. and before i wasn't a huge fray fan (i knew like 3 songs) but now i am really in love with them. The pictures make it look like we were really far away, but we weren't. they were just SOO good live.

scott's birthday and ichiban

Soo Sunday Jan 28th was Scott Matkins Birthday. So Saturday the 27th we had a little birthday party for him. oh yahh and on saturday we tried to go to the Air Force VS BYU basketball game.. and they didn't let us in because it was too full.. i was soo sad. but anyways scotts birthday. We went out for dinner at this place called "sweets" and it wasn't as sweet as we had hoped. Scott had been there before and said there were hula dancers and a sweet buffet. Well we got there and it was not what any of us were expecting... there was a hawaiin guy singing and not a huge buffet, but we stayed anyways. i didn't know if i would like hawaiin food, but i guess i did. No hula dancers showed up.. and i guess there was new management, so thats why it wasn't the same experience.. it was still kinda a riot.

Then we headed back to scotts and played this game called curses.. which i recommmend to everyone. it was awesome, and to try to explain it, would just be TOO hard. and then we had a dance party.. there was like 8 of us.. it was soo sweet, and i was glad scott had gone out and bought a strobe light. It was sweeet!

Scott had recently gotten his ipod nano stolen, so i had an idea that we should get him a new one. So a bunch of us all pitched in and we got him a new one.. that he just got yesterday actually. he was really surprised and really enjoyed the gift i think. (thank goodness he has more than 10 friends) hahaha

Sunday night i went for dinner with kaiti at her grandmas. And afterward we had a taste testing of ichiban vs. ramen. it was soo funny and we finally set her cousins straight as Ichiban won. good thing jerry brought us lots.. mmm soo good!