Tuesday, February 20, 2007

friendly visitors

Well last tuesday my best friend Kandice came to visit from home.. i don't have time to blog too much right now.. but here are some pictures.. i cut my hair MORE... and we took some pictures last night... now candi and my dad are here and i am soo happy they are too. we are gonna go to the basketball game tomorrow night and had a good sunday and monday with the gathers. we always laugh so much when we are all together.


KandyJill said...

FREAKK I HATE BEING HOME WITHOUT YOU!!! I'm soo freakin bored haha. But I'm super happy you posted! It's inspiring me to not be lazy and go get my USB cable so I can upload some pictures and post... Good idea! Thanks deary! Love you and miss you tons!!!!!!!!

.Ang. said...

Looks like fun!!!

You are looking sweeter than candy.

I love you!
And am missing you alot these days