Saturday, February 3, 2007

I am B's HUNNY

Okay so tonight we went to the BYU volleyball game, or at least me, brad melchin and mike salmon did, kaiti and scott who were parking the car didn't get into the game. We were playing the number 2 ranked team and we won, which makes sense, because we are the number 1 team. Afterwards we heard that b-money was gonna be at liberty square so we went to check it out. i had no idea who he was.. but i was SOO glad i went. he told me i was his b-hunny. for those of you who don't know who he is.. he is legendary down here.. he has a music video on youtube. ( you should check it out.. if that link doesn't work go to youtube and search b money. click on the first video. he is dead serious about 'his business'. it was soo funny and i was laughing kinda hard. which i know is bad. he was sellin his merchandise and i gotta get a picture from brad of that. but either way i met him and got some pictures with him. i love these brushes with celebrities.

i look dumb in the picture cause i was tryin not to laugh.

as he would say.. can't leave a brother hanging.. bzzzz


Kandice said...

Haha seriously that is the funniest video ever. What a joke that guy is lol!

Linz said...

wow honey -
sounds like you're having a blast! just so you know ashley hilton is engaged to my friend todd that you met in . l8er