Saturday, February 3, 2007

scott's birthday and ichiban

Soo Sunday Jan 28th was Scott Matkins Birthday. So Saturday the 27th we had a little birthday party for him. oh yahh and on saturday we tried to go to the Air Force VS BYU basketball game.. and they didn't let us in because it was too full.. i was soo sad. but anyways scotts birthday. We went out for dinner at this place called "sweets" and it wasn't as sweet as we had hoped. Scott had been there before and said there were hula dancers and a sweet buffet. Well we got there and it was not what any of us were expecting... there was a hawaiin guy singing and not a huge buffet, but we stayed anyways. i didn't know if i would like hawaiin food, but i guess i did. No hula dancers showed up.. and i guess there was new management, so thats why it wasn't the same experience.. it was still kinda a riot.

Then we headed back to scotts and played this game called curses.. which i recommmend to everyone. it was awesome, and to try to explain it, would just be TOO hard. and then we had a dance party.. there was like 8 of us.. it was soo sweet, and i was glad scott had gone out and bought a strobe light. It was sweeet!

Scott had recently gotten his ipod nano stolen, so i had an idea that we should get him a new one. So a bunch of us all pitched in and we got him a new one.. that he just got yesterday actually. he was really surprised and really enjoyed the gift i think. (thank goodness he has more than 10 friends) hahaha

Sunday night i went for dinner with kaiti at her grandmas. And afterward we had a taste testing of ichiban vs. ramen. it was soo funny and we finally set her cousins straight as Ichiban won. good thing jerry brought us lots.. mmm soo good!

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KandyJill said...

Haha man I SO wish I coulda been there for the dance party. So fun! And I'm glad you set them American's Straight. Nothing beats some good Canadian Ichiban!