Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Elder Andrew Jesse Kay

Earlier today i had the opportunity to go take my cousin Andrew to the MTC with his parents. It was such a good experience and i'm so happy that i got to go. It was exciting to see how ready for his mission Andrew was.. and in the first picture below he was so excited that i didn't even get him in the picture.. he was running through the doors. His goodbye was quick and Sherry said that it he hugged her which was more than he did when he started school. But Andrew was just so ready to be a missionary. He is going to serve in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is speaking French. I am so proud of him and just want to remind everyone that they should write him a letter.. too bad i don't have his address or i'd post it on here.
You can see that he was excited.. he's not even in the picture...
Taking his luggage, Sherry and i were struggling to grab a quick picture and i missed it, but this picture was taken AFTER he mastered the chain of baggage... just before the end piece had turned over and i was laughing pretty hard. Elder Kay gettin his name tag put on by his mom
Sherry and Elder Kay... Kevin was there too, but somehow i didn't manage to get a picture with him in it
Me and Elder Kay


So monday night we had the missionaries over. It was a lot of work, but it ended up being worth it. We made stuff for taco's or taco salad... and ended up feeding like all of liberty square. Its hard to go from cooking for like maximum 2 people, to cooking for.. more than that.

The dessert we made is called Danish Delight, and we got the recipe from Courtney's Aunt.. it was SOOO good. It's just a white cake and then has a layer of whipcream and cream cheese with strawberry glaze and strawberries on top...(yes i know this sounds A LOT like strawberry shortcake.. i thought so too.. but it is Danish Delight).

This is the group of some of us.. the ones that invited the missionaries and knew them etc.. along with the missionaries (originally we had 5 over.. ) Elder Mendenhall in the front is from Raymond, Elder Jerowsky on the lap is from Calgary.. haha i kept callin him jay, and the elder standing is from Edmonton.. and then 3 of us girls are from Alberta as well. It was so fun to be with all these Canadians.. They left us with a spiritual thought and everything.. it was SO much fun!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

10-4 over... roger that 10-10

Okay.. don't laugh at me.. you must admit i do look pretty good in my little sweater vest. Haha just kidding! I was at work tonight and i had my laptop so i decided to quickly take pictures as proof to the world that i am actually a security guard.. i have an ear piece and radio and everything. But to be honest i am enjoying my job.. as much as i can. I have met a bunch of new people, some of them are more my style than others, but its fun. One girl is on the basketball team, one is half japanese, one is half chinese, one guy is on the ballroom dance team, one does modern dance.. and most of them like the same music as me.. there are more than these few people i have mentioned that i work with though. I am gettin used to protecting the merchandise and if you ever want to come visit me, please stay a foot away from the art. Right now we have a monet.. its worth 40 some million dollars i guess.. one of the bad parts of my job is that it doesn't seem too impressive anymore after standing in front of it for hours. But once a week i work at the HFAC by myself... its the building where they do plays, have photo labs, have band practice and all the artsy stuff.. so tonight i followed this passageway that i have access to as a security guard and went up and ended up in almost the ceiling of the big theater there and listened to some of the performance that was going on. It was really cool.

Tomorrow i am so excited to go with my Aunty Sherry and Uncle Kevin to take Andrew to the MTC. I haven't ever gotten to experience this and im so happy they invited me to go. I am so excited for Andrew and i just talked to Scott on the phone ( he went to zimbobwe on his mission) and he said that Andrew's mission will be so beautiful and have all the needs and is looking for. This weekend I will have the opportunity to go to at least one session of conference and see lots of friends and family... so hopefully i will have more exciting and better pictures to post...

one month left of this semester already. how crazy is that???

Remember everyone to respect art.. and security guards

Monday, March 12, 2007

home sweet home

well today is my first day back from being home for a VERY short 3 days. It was SOO good to be home, but now being in Provo just doesn't feel right. going home was awesome and i loved every second of it. it was SO cool to see brylie and how much she has grown and listen to her talk (which she never stops doing). Thursday morning she serenaded me with a medley of some twinkle twinkle and her abc's and i am a child of god.. it was soo cute. I got to watch her play some basketball, get her "rebound" and she told me that she wears "number 2 on her back", oh what a punk she is. i also got to watch jamie and jenelle play too.. jamies team got gold!! i love watching those girls play. There is just so much at home that i love.. leaving it again was hard.. but i'm more than half done this semester.. YAY!!!

well as for updates on life at bYu.. i am a security guard at the MOA ( museum of art ) and its pretty funny. I never thought i would be a security guard EVER... it makes me laugh everytime i am standing there with the radio in... some people take it really seriously though so maybe i should be more like that.

this post is short.. but i gotta run...

i didn't take like any pictures at home.. but here are a few from photobooth.