Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Elder Andrew Jesse Kay

Earlier today i had the opportunity to go take my cousin Andrew to the MTC with his parents. It was such a good experience and i'm so happy that i got to go. It was exciting to see how ready for his mission Andrew was.. and in the first picture below he was so excited that i didn't even get him in the picture.. he was running through the doors. His goodbye was quick and Sherry said that it he hugged her which was more than he did when he started school. But Andrew was just so ready to be a missionary. He is going to serve in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is speaking French. I am so proud of him and just want to remind everyone that they should write him a letter.. too bad i don't have his address or i'd post it on here.
You can see that he was excited.. he's not even in the picture...
Taking his luggage, Sherry and i were struggling to grab a quick picture and i missed it, but this picture was taken AFTER he mastered the chain of baggage... just before the end piece had turned over and i was laughing pretty hard. Elder Kay gettin his name tag put on by his mom
Sherry and Elder Kay... Kevin was there too, but somehow i didn't manage to get a picture with him in it
Me and Elder Kay


Anonymous said...


Glad that you were able to go with Sherry and Kevin to drop off Andrew. If you ever get the itch to come up to Boise, we would love to see you. Thanks for posting the pictures!

Brent, Amber and Carter

kandicejill said...

That's so exciting. I had no idea that he was leaving already. How fun!