Monday, March 12, 2007

home sweet home

well today is my first day back from being home for a VERY short 3 days. It was SOO good to be home, but now being in Provo just doesn't feel right. going home was awesome and i loved every second of it. it was SO cool to see brylie and how much she has grown and listen to her talk (which she never stops doing). Thursday morning she serenaded me with a medley of some twinkle twinkle and her abc's and i am a child of god.. it was soo cute. I got to watch her play some basketball, get her "rebound" and she told me that she wears "number 2 on her back", oh what a punk she is. i also got to watch jamie and jenelle play too.. jamies team got gold!! i love watching those girls play. There is just so much at home that i love.. leaving it again was hard.. but i'm more than half done this semester.. YAY!!!

well as for updates on life at bYu.. i am a security guard at the MOA ( museum of art ) and its pretty funny. I never thought i would be a security guard EVER... it makes me laugh everytime i am standing there with the radio in... some people take it really seriously though so maybe i should be more like that.

this post is short.. but i gotta run...

i didn't take like any pictures at home.. but here are a few from photobooth.


.Ang. said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo it was TONS of fun having you here!! SERIOUSLY! I had a blast! too bad it was TOOO SHORT!

SO i'm thinkin about planning a road trip... End of April>!!?? I think so?!?!?!

Sounds good!

I love you SO much!

.Ang. said...

PS.. you should hear the new Noir Ambience!

I'll email them to you!

KandyJill said...

Freakk girl I love you. Can't wait till your HOME home... like 37 days left :D Miss you