Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So monday night we had the missionaries over. It was a lot of work, but it ended up being worth it. We made stuff for taco's or taco salad... and ended up feeding like all of liberty square. Its hard to go from cooking for like maximum 2 people, to cooking for.. more than that.

The dessert we made is called Danish Delight, and we got the recipe from Courtney's Aunt.. it was SOOO good. It's just a white cake and then has a layer of whipcream and cream cheese with strawberry glaze and strawberries on top...(yes i know this sounds A LOT like strawberry shortcake.. i thought so too.. but it is Danish Delight).

This is the group of some of us.. the ones that invited the missionaries and knew them etc.. along with the missionaries (originally we had 5 over.. ) Elder Mendenhall in the front is from Raymond, Elder Jerowsky on the lap is from Calgary.. haha i kept callin him jay, and the elder standing is from Edmonton.. and then 3 of us girls are from Alberta as well. It was so fun to be with all these Canadians.. They left us with a spiritual thought and everything.. it was SO much fun!

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kandicejill said...

YAYYYYY!!!! Finally a picture of the apron I made for you! :D Awe that makes me so happy. Now I just need one of kaiti's apron. Or better yet, I need a picture of both of you TOGETHER in your aprons... making banana cream pie!