Monday, April 9, 2007

Harry's Easter

well this weekend was a blast... it started on Friday when Dave and Wilma came and picked me up from my apartment and stole me back with them to Salt Lake. A break from P-Town that i was more than grateful for. We took Nicole to a party and got some Crown Burger ( I know my dad would be jealous) and then we went back to their house to hang out... it was nice to be with some family, and get caught up on my American Idol. I watched the last couple episodes while filling some easter eggs for Chay, Nicole and Blade... that one brown guy isn't that good of a singer if you ask me... Nicole's party was funner than expected and she didn't get home til late.. and so we saved the egg coloring and hunt for Saturday.

Well Saturday morning's trip to NPS came early.. and it was a bit disappointing, but if we hadn't of gone we would never have known that. We headed home and started on our eggs.. it was a lot of fun. The weather outside was really nice so we decided to do somethin outside... and Chay's idea of going to the zoo seemed like the only good one we could think of. So we headed there.
Me and Nicole on the Train that goes around part of the zoo.

The zoo was lots of fun, its been soo long since i've been to one... and i realized how weird animals look. It was different than the calgary zoo and we could actually get pretty close to the animals.. i was just an arms length away from the giraffe and nicole and i wanted to touch it.. but there were too many people around so we couldn't. But we were SO close.. it was just at my feet.
Me and my buddy Blade. He was lots of fun to play with... and we are good friends.. i think. He calls me "Harry!" i dunno where that came from.. but as hard as we tried.. thats all he would call me
Then Saturday night we had the easter egg hunt.. which turned out to be better than expected.

Sunday we went to church then had the traditional ham and funeral potatoes for dinner.. which i love. It was such a good weekend. Thanks Wilma and Dave, i'll be taking them up on their offer to come and get me lots.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

so much time and so little to do.. strike that.. REVERSE

Well this weekend was a real blast. So many things to do and visitors. It left me ready to face the end of this semester.

It started Thursday afternoon.. here is a picture of me at the airport.. WRITING A PAPER. I am a devoted student, and Sara Salmon was flying in from Georgia, and so i brought my laptop with me, wrote the whole way there, and edited once we got to the airport.. it was nice to have it done so i could hang out with Sara. Kaiti was beside me working on her Psychology paper as well... its weird what university will make you do. So.. Sara flew in.. and we went to Macoroni grill.. it was good but our waitress was weird and when we asked her about what we should order, she pretty much said nothing was good. Then i had to go to work... which put a damper on things, but on Friday we all went and worked out and then hung out.. met up with Sara's dad and sister and then went and hung out at Salmons for a while. Saturday morning we had the opportunity to go to conference. We had AWESOME seats.. and Mark took a bunch of pictures for us there.. which i will have to get from him. Saturday night i got to babysit for Sonia ( my cousin) and it was so fun to see her, sing some kareoke and all that and see the kids. Then i babysat and it was a blast, i played some incredibles. And it was nice to be around a younger crowd for a while. Then Matt Lowry called me up, and he was in town so i met up with my girls and we all headed out to the hot springs. It was good to see Matt.

Sunday I had the chance to go to conference again for the afternoon session. Above is a picture of Sara and I on the way there.
Here is a picture of me and my girls that i went to conference with... we sat on the balcony and it was like where everyone from Alberta had tickets for.. so i saw lots of people from home. (and i went into the weekend being sad cause i had no family coming.. it turned out to be a sweet weekend. )

We got a bunch of pictures of the crazy signs on saturday.. but we had to get a few more on sunday... that guy's sign says " i have nothing better to do than satnd on the street corner" and the i love mormons lady was singing hymns really loud. The best were some of the signs people had to get tickets.. one said " War in heaven Veteran.. please donate tickets" hahah.. good times. Renee Comfort had texted me earlier and let me know that she would be in town and wanted to hang out.. so we met up with her and she came back to provo with us and stayed a couple of nights.. she came to class with me on monday. It was so fun to be with some familiar people from home that i love.

All in all a good weekend.. and i will be heading home in about 22 days.. But who's counting?