Tuesday, June 12, 2007

what i want and need according to google

the internet never lies.. this is what it tells me i want:

1. Alana wants to be adored and worshipped like the royalty she feels she is (obviously)
2. Alana wants to remind you, dear one, is that life goes on in a different way on the other side.
3. Alana wants ice water and some people just don’t get it
4. Alana wants to know ( i want to know what i want to know)
5. Alana wants revenge
6. Alana wants to crawl
7. Alana wants to find him (a boy perhaps??)
8. Alana wants to share a pretzel

but what i really need:
1. Alana needs a miracle
2. Alana needs to hit the gym (the truth forsure)
3. Alana needs a job but she doesn't have any formal training, unless you count shopping
4. Alana needs to be monitored more effectively with services taking a lead role in protecting Amy
5. Alana needs to move
6. Alana needs advice!
7. Alana needs to do this; Alana needs to watch out for that
8. Alana needs help