Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Here are a bunch of random pictures.. from stampede, mom and dads wedding anniversary, brylie last night playing baseball, the ENMAX booth, erika's birthday.. just lots
Yah enmax booth

Erika's Birthday

Happy 25th Anniversary Mom and Dad

Dad like sleeping on the deck? i don't exactly know
Brylie watching Barney

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

sick habits

Okay.. i just have to rant for a second. Today i brought a lunch.. a burger and some potato salad. I went to the fridge before lunch to be ready to go with jess on our usual 12 lunch date, only to find that someone ate MOST of my salad. Ya not ALL of it, not some of it.. but MOST of it. Hahah how funny is that? Yah i was like.. oh man it was my dad trying to be funny.. it wasn't. he said i def needed to buy a lunch because that is disgusting that someone else was eating it. There were even fork marks.

But why didn't they just finish it off??

Monday, July 16, 2007


i am a little obsessed
and i can't wait for the book to come out. i could sit watching the time til it comes out disappear for hours.

As the Calgarians say "yahoo"

So it has been a LONG time since i have written an actual blog. I don't really know if anyone actually reads my blog. but oh well. This summer has been busy.. with farewells of some friends, work and i guess all the things that go along with living life.
yes i am a Calgarian and yes i also have been heard to say "Yahoo" during the beginning of July. I love calgary during Stampede week. This year was really fun because i had the chance to be in the Stampede Parade with Candi and a few other summer students at Enmax. Our group of 5 worked on making the truck,that we drove through the parade, look cool. It was probably good that they had us work on it because we were the ones that would have to be seen with it in front of i think like 250 000 people. The morning of the Parade was an early one.. but luckily they provided a stampede breakfast (the only one i was able to make it to this year) and we had lots of time to take some pictures. I got to do a few things i have never done before. Like sit in a shriners plane. And line up with the RCMP while they got inspected before the parade. We were walking by them and Chris who i work with dared me to go and line up with them.. i can't turn down a dare so i did. And i even got a cool pin out of it. Walking through the parade was kinda weird at first.. but i soon became a professional waver.. and even mastered the two handed wave. I was glad we got to wear the cute pink shirts and support 'tough enough to wear pink', and the two kids that are spelling champs were right in front of us.. they made it to the nationals in the states. and i had to get a picture with them
My dad was also tough enough to wear pink. I think he realy enjoyed wearing pink actually.
Candi and i worked at the stampede as well. Our booth had a waterfall in it and a sand box. It sounds great but some days we became somewhat of a child care facility. But the location was close to the coca cola stage and so i heard jann arden, keshia chante, blue october and some other random bands play. Our green hawaiian shirts were loved by my dad.. but i wasn't as crazy about them. i will post pictures of that soon i hope.
I also got a new camera.. i figure it is a good investment. i shouldn't even say i got a NEW one.. i got one... i haven't owned one before. It's pretty sweeet and i got it for $100 off.. my dad was proud. But i am excited to take more pictures and not miss all the photo opportunities that arise.
What else has been going on.. well Angie and Mike are moving in.. so i moved down to the basement.. actually my mom did most of the work i think while i was at work. Thanks mom. I was kind of puttin it off, but with the hot weather, the basement isn't so bad.
With the summer more than half over i hope the rest of it goes by slower and i get to do some more fun things.. hopefully maybe some camping, swimming, movies and of course Harry Potter.