Monday, August 20, 2007

Good Music and Perfect Make up

Once again it has been quite a while since i have blogged. Meaning that i have either been too busy to blog or too lazy. i guess it has been a mixture of both. But with just under 2 weeks left in Canada before i head back down to P-town i thought i better blog a bit about my summer.. Pictures to come later.

Well July is so far from my memories i am just going ot start on August. On the Heritage Day weekend Erika and i embarked on WW4WW (woot woot 4 waterton weekend). It was our time to bond and pretty much her only weekend she didn't have to work. So friday after work we took off to head to Raymond where we would spend the night. Well we stopped in For Macleod to get some gas and for me to pick up a toothbrush i had forgotten to pack and when i came out back to the car there was a guy knocking on the window asking Erika if she could please pull up so he could fill up, to which she replied.. the car won't start. Yess yess the great idea of taking the camry the DAY after we had got it back from the mechanics turned out to be not soo great. So two men gave us a shove and we pulled to the side and began to try and figure out what was wrong. We ended up calling AMA and the said it would be about 90 minutes.. we called my friends in Raymond and asked if they might be able to come pick us up.. they had to finish work and then they would. And then Erika and i did what anyone else might do when in this kind of situation.. we laughed lots and put on make up.. i did erika's hair and burned a cd. That way we figured if we died we'd at least looked good and we would be listening to good music. Well AMA showed up in about 40 minutes and was able to get us started again.. THANKFULLY. So we continued on our way.

We go to grandma and Grandpa Andersons.. they were nice to put us up for a couple of nights. and then we went and hung out with our newly found second cousin Craig and my friend KC. It was fun riding in the back of Craig's truck he likes to call i think "betsy".

The next morning we woke up early to head to Waterton to do our long awaited hike. And surprise surprise the car wouldn't start. Eventually after poking and prodding we were able to get it started. Grandpa came out and said that once it ran it should be okay. So with his okay we decided to go to Waterton still. We didn't exactly know what or where we were hiking only that it would be in waterton. We decided to hike to Lower Rowe Lake. We didn't wanna hike ALL day... so we got to Rowe Lake, took some pictures and headed back down. it was nice we went early because there really wasn't anyone else there until we were coming down. And luckily we didn't run into any bears. We headed back to raymond and got some ice cream in mountain view on the way. Holy it was good and CHEAP. Then we were gonna have a nap but Craig called and asked if we wanted to go "mud bogging". i had no idea what this entailed, Craig told me it involved trucks and mud.. we agreed to go. So we went out to Bonanza Days in Milk River and i soon found out what exactly it was. There was this HUGE mud bog and then all these people with their trucks and other contraptions all competing to get the fastest time through the mud. It was pretty fun actually. That night we went "into town" (lethbridge) and went to the Bourne Ulitmatum. SOO GOOD. Sunday morning we woke up early and went to Picture Butte for church,and surprised Grandma and Grandpa Takahashi. It was a good thing we went to their house because they had just gone to costo and had picked up LOTS of food that grandma never stopped feeding us. I think i am STILL full from that. it was a really fun weekend and we got accomplished what we set out to do.

Last Tuesday my best friends and i got the opportunity to do a really fun photo shoot called "trash the dress". My best friend Kandice Palmer's older sister Heather asked us to do this with her for her portfolio and it was LOTS of fun. She was nice enough to take some pictures of us in our Grad Dresses first and then we changed into our other dresses and got SOAKED. i am LOVING what i have seen of them so far. They are amazing! i have some of them at work so i will try to post them before i leave.

On Friday kandice and i went to the EXCITING stamps game. It was my second ever and her first. She had 4 tickets and we couldn't find anyone to go with us.. luckily some boys did end up coming the second half.. who knew it was soo hard to give away stamps tickets. We were going to sell them.. but we know NOTHING about scalping anything. Maybe next time. The game ended in a tie after double overtime.. but it was SO much fun.

Three days.. i guess more like two now, left of work. Then time to relax and pack!

As for the pictures.. they won't post.. but has some on it.