Tuesday, September 25, 2007


welll first things first. these are a couple pictures of our living room. we've been trying to get it looking cute the past weeks. and i think its pretty cute. we like it lots.. rylie recently moved in as our roommate judy moved out and its beeen really fun. she painted the letters above our tv. This Saturday was the homecoming game against airfoce. it was a lot of fun to go to the game.. but was a bit chilly outside and as you can see form the above picture kinda.. it RAINED on us. it was worth it cause BYU killed Airforce. but we unfortunately locked courtney's keys in her car so we were wet longer than we would have liked.

This is where are seats for the game REALLY are.. up in the corner. the first touchdown i swear we were the only people up there singing the fight song. so we moved down closer.. the 5th row to be exact.
this was our new view of the game.. it was awesome. we saw a couple touchdowns really close.. but it was just amazing to be so close to all the action. i really enjoyed it.

so here we are. apartment 1-303. me, brett, courtney and rylie. (court and rylie are cousins and both from louisiana and me and brett both from canada). It is so much fun.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sweet 16 and the fair

this past weekend i spent with the Gathers. It was nicoles birthday on friday and so i was happy to hang out with them. We went to an italian restaurant on friday night, and i'm not even going to attempt to say the name of it. the selling point on the restaurant had to be this sign on the side of the building...
the place was actualy pretty cool. the food was good, nothing to rave about.. but i think i may have made it sound really shady by saying the selling point was the sanitary bathrooms. the sign was just funny. So after we went home and had cake.. it was sooo good. Aunty Wilma made it.. and did an awesome job too.

Well saturday we woke up and went to the Utah State Fair. It was a fun day. and i can't beleive we stayed there as late as we did.. Wayne Ikebuchi, my dad's cousin, who works for one of the games hooked us up with ride bracelets and so we could go on as many as we wanted. which ended up not being very many for me. because for the first time in my life i got motion sick from the rides. weird. but it was still fun.

I guess maybe the time at the fair went by so quickly because of us stopping to say bye to Wayne. He had warned us that the game he ran was addictive. but we had to find out for ourselves. Nicole and i would have sold just about anything we could have to get more tokens to keep playing.. we lost a good 2 hours there. as you can see from the pictures we are quite engaged. we won a stuffed zebra, and a stuffed fred and wilma flintstone. there is a picture below. Chay also came home with some handcuffs.. which gave uncle dave a reason to bring out his own, and do some disciplining..

it was a really fun weekend. thanks to the gathers for picking me up and bringing me back in time for work on sunday. (i thought it was weird that i work for byu and had to work sunday tooo..)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

a good way to start

Soo.. BYU is goood. I haven't been homesick like i was last semester coming down. My ward seems like it will be good. and i love my roommates. Sara came to visit this weekend before heading down to Rexburg and it was so fun to hang out with her. I love her and my roommates love her and so it was awesome. We went to a party on Friday night and then Sara, Courtney and i went to a concert on SaturDAY. and i mean DAY. we went to the Jamboree music festival or something and there was no re-entry and so we went in there at like 2 and we couldn't in any food or drink and it was a bit like being in jail we figured. The bands we wanted to see didn't play til like 6, 8 and then like 9:30. but it was worth it to see Dashboard, Colbie Caillat and the format. Sara's Roommate also named courtney met us there and her brother brett. It was so fun and a good way to spend our first weekend back in Utah. i hope everyone enjoyed the pictures.. they aren't in order.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

everyone should feel a little safer

well i'm back in utah ( a better post with some pictures to follow soon hopefully) and i'm back at my job at the museum... and the HFAC (fine arts building) tonight is my first night working security again.. and we have new uniforms. i hate them. i do..
this one guy came up to me.. i had my shirt untucked.. cause i hate the feeling of it tucked in. and he told me that because my shirt was untucked i had no authority. then he asked me if there was really anyone talking to me in the earpiece.. and i assured him that it was BYU police.. and that they were my authority... he said that meant nothing cause of the untucked shirt. i called for backup and they came and took care of him.. haha just kidding.. but he really thought the untucked shirt was a big deal.. i guess next time i will tuck my shirt in.