Tuesday, September 4, 2007

everyone should feel a little safer

well i'm back in utah ( a better post with some pictures to follow soon hopefully) and i'm back at my job at the museum... and the HFAC (fine arts building) tonight is my first night working security again.. and we have new uniforms. i hate them. i do..
this one guy came up to me.. i had my shirt untucked.. cause i hate the feeling of it tucked in. and he told me that because my shirt was untucked i had no authority. then he asked me if there was really anyone talking to me in the earpiece.. and i assured him that it was BYU police.. and that they were my authority... he said that meant nothing cause of the untucked shirt. i called for backup and they came and took care of him.. haha just kidding.. but he really thought the untucked shirt was a big deal.. i guess next time i will tuck my shirt in.


KandyJill said...

Well look at you little miss security guard. Haha I love you!! You getting some pepperspray this year? I hope so! And you shoulda pulled your gun on that guy -- showed him what authority actualy meant. Dang, if only you got to carry those around too! Anyway, I love you!! Miss you already!

.Ang. said...

You should have poked him in the eye and then let him know that you were authorized to do that by the BYU Police talking to you in the earpiece.