Tuesday, September 25, 2007


welll first things first. these are a couple pictures of our living room. we've been trying to get it looking cute the past weeks. and i think its pretty cute. we like it lots.. rylie recently moved in as our roommate judy moved out and its beeen really fun. she painted the letters above our tv. This Saturday was the homecoming game against airfoce. it was a lot of fun to go to the game.. but was a bit chilly outside and as you can see form the above picture kinda.. it RAINED on us. it was worth it cause BYU killed Airforce. but we unfortunately locked courtney's keys in her car so we were wet longer than we would have liked.

This is where are seats for the game REALLY are.. up in the corner. the first touchdown i swear we were the only people up there singing the fight song. so we moved down closer.. the 5th row to be exact.
this was our new view of the game.. it was awesome. we saw a couple touchdowns really close.. but it was just amazing to be so close to all the action. i really enjoyed it.

so here we are. apartment 1-303. me, brett, courtney and rylie. (court and rylie are cousins and both from louisiana and me and brett both from canada). It is so much fun.


.Ang. said...

Your place looks cute!! I like the Barc on the wall. .and the fabric on the couch.. it reminds me of Elsie.. and the grape vine on the side table By the couch as well!

looks and sounds like you're having fun!
I miss you lots!!! itwas good talking to you last night!

Anonymous said...

cute place, you so domestic all of you! I can't believe that I have talked to you like 3 times this weekend and you going to the football game never came up... hahahaha


Shel said...

My friend Rosemary's son is on the football team His name is Jeff Bell and his sister is on the byu basketball team. A good friend of Jocelyn's - Marianne.

Kayla said...

alana, you're so cute...when are we gonna hang out? i miss your face.