Sunday, November 25, 2007

no place like home for the holidays

Yes i know that is a christmas song.. and i was home for american thanksgiving.. but it was a holiday none the less... it was awesome to be able to go home on Friday and come back like 10 days later on the following sunday.. The timing on it all couldn't have been better. I was able to stay in Raymond on Friday night and see Grandpa Anderson Friday and Saturday before he passed away peacefully on Sunday morning... what a blessing it was to be able to have one last farewell and even though he couldn't speak by the time i got there.. i will forever treasure the mintues i got to just hold his hand and feel his love for me.. and hopefully he was able to feel my love for him. Saturday was fun as i went out to the Ridge with David and Brenda and their girls and Uncle Jon.. We were lucky to have someone let us take there quads out for a ride.. what a good time that was. A whirlwind week was filled with some visits with friends.. and making cookies with brylie.. grocery shopping and coooking dinners with Angie.. and cuddling with Jamie.. shopping with Erika.. watching Daxflame with Jenelle, and hardly seeing candi. Angie and i pulled off a thanksgiving/BIRTHDAY dinner for Angie (mostly Ang did it.... and Savannah did help too) Her and Brylie were the Master Pie makers and made some delicious pies, an apple pie and 2 lemon merengue ones.. MMM!!! brylie thought the lemon was a bit tart and made this face after each bite.. soo cute! We sang Happy Birthday to Ang with the pies.. brylie always cracks up when she calls her mom ANGIE instead of mom. I couldn't believe how much brylie had grown up while i was gone.. she is so funny and smarter then expected and is good at playing mind games. One morning i went into her room and found her just waking up.. and she asked me if i wanted to color with her, i said yes, and she said "okay then go get my crayons from downstairs" and then she said "i am just gonna finish my dream i'll be down in 5 minutes.. you wake me up in 5 minutes" haha oh i love that girl. It was good to spend so much time with Angie as she is gettin ready to take off to Hawaii.. i'm sure gonna miss her.. It was a little sad that she didnt' have her baby... hopefully the little one comes soon. On Friday it was back to Raymond... and it was SOo awesome to see all my cousins... (except maybe 4) and to be together as a family. I learned so much about my grandpa that i never knew before.. like that he had gotten into BYU but never went.. and all sorts of other things. This morning we made the long trek back to Provo.. and only 4 more weeks and i get to go home for Christmas! hopefully it will go by quickly!

Monday, November 12, 2007

the mayan

So tonight i had the chance to go check out the Mayan in Sandy. It was a cool atmosphere and kinda cool to see some cliff jumpers.. the food was decent.. but i didn't feel liek i was in UTah at all. It was fun to hang out with Tom Clements and my cousin Matt though! And this weekend i'm heading home! i am SOO excited!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

these cookies look greasy

So this past weekend i went to Salt Lake City to hang out with the family. It was a good time as always. And we didn't do much and all fell asleep really early on Saturday night. Chay was impressed me and Nicole made it til 9pm. But sunday we made some cookies after dinner. Somehow we ended up adding too much butter to the first batch and so they looked something like this.Blade was helping us with the eggs:
Chay and Nicole mixing up the dough:

We had to make a new batch and they tasted pretty good. Or maybe they just seemed to tast really good because of the previous batch. I love cookies.. and spending the weekend with family!