Thursday, November 8, 2007

these cookies look greasy

So this past weekend i went to Salt Lake City to hang out with the family. It was a good time as always. And we didn't do much and all fell asleep really early on Saturday night. Chay was impressed me and Nicole made it til 9pm. But sunday we made some cookies after dinner. Somehow we ended up adding too much butter to the first batch and so they looked something like this.Blade was helping us with the eggs:
Chay and Nicole mixing up the dough:

We had to make a new batch and they tasted pretty good. Or maybe they just seemed to tast really good because of the previous batch. I love cookies.. and spending the weekend with family!


.Ang. said...

I love cookies too! and family! and when 2 year olds help with the eggs. Brylie helped me with some eggs the other day and they ended up looking something like the egg on the counter.

i miss you!!!

kandicejill said...

First batch of cookies... freakin HILARIOUS! Haha I love it. Second batch look sooooo tastey! And that picture of blade with the egg... soooo freakin cute! I love you. We should make FONDANT when we're home for thanksgiving! Oooh lets... please!?! I miss you. Love you!