Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Brylie!

Well December 3rd is my favorite little neices birthday. She is turning THREE! its her golden birthday i guess. I hope she knows how much i miss her and i love her. Here are some pictures she had me take with her while i was home for thanksgiving! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYLIE!


.Ang. said...

Hey Lan,

Thanks for posting that! It made brylie Sooo happy!!

Too bad you missed the party! it was a blast! haha we have it on tape though so you'll have to watch it when you are home for the holidays

I love you soo much!

kandicejill said...

those pictures are SOOO SO cute! I love them. And I freakin MISS YOU!!! You best still be coming out here this weekend! Right? Love you
P.S. Have you watched last nights Heroes episode yet? It's sooooooo so good! Call me when you watch it!