Tuesday, December 30, 2008

we went to the hospital.. just grandma and we

what's in jamie's purse?

We wanted to go to Jenelle's basketball game. but the car wouldn't start. 
good thing mom is handy
she got it working so that we could go, and candi and i could take off to southern alberta after.
Jenelle played amazing.. weird how i don't have any pictures of her game.. but i managed to get some shots of this guy..  you may recognize him as Gideon from One Magic Christmas

okay not really him, but he sure looked a lot like him

During the game we took a look in Jamie's purse: 

all the necessities were in there:
-not one but TWO camera's
- after eight chocolates
- Demi Lovato's new CD
-ipod and headphones
- some change
-her wallet
- brown thread
- a fun dip 

i think i need to learn from her

Monday, December 29, 2008

asian invasion with a few caucasians

So.. we had our dinner party.. 

Papahashi cooked all afternoon for us.. 
I would say its a good thing he loves us so much, but really its a good thing he loves cooking so much. The food really was DELICIOUS.. everyone said so. 

Michael and Petrea showed up. Its been SO long since i've seen Michael, but it wasn't weird that he showed up on a night when we had some REALLY good food and company around, his timing is impeccable (and please check out those awesome lights hanging over the table.. legit from Japan)

Look at our happy guests sporting our asian gang sign.
apparently this was the 'kids' table, as me and all my friends were sitting here... and we are younger

Then we had our 'white elephant' gift exchange. 

Brad was sad because Scott stole his gift
And then he was happy when he opened our asian themed gift

Anyone who knows taylor knows that he was STOKED about getting this puzzle Brad brought

Brad wanting to get revenge, kept a close eye on what scott was unwrapping

A great shot of Jamie
Then we finished up with the puzzle.. which we didn't actually finish.

Okay so.. we needed a professional photographer there, it would've helped me make this party look just as fun as it REALLY was. But i know that i am looking forward to our party next christmas break. 

Saturday, December 27, 2008

girls night

Well.. i am here in picture butte.

Candi and i decided to come down here this afternoon. 

i was hoping to post some picture of our night tonight with grandma, but despite the fact that me and grandma have the same computer.. i can't get my pictures to upload without it all freezing on me. maybe later.

we decided to come and keep grandma company while grandpa gets checked out in the hospital. and maybe she'll even let us drive her around and into lethbridge so we can go visit grandpa.

tonight we had a nice dinner together and played some scrabble.  I am the scrabble champion. 259 points. not trying to brag or anything.. but really that was my score.  to go with scrabble we even drank some 'celebration pop' and had some gummy bears.  ohh.. and i did eat some of grandma's shortbread too.  we definitly had our share of laughs.  i am loving the quality time i get to spend with grandma, when you are home for 2 weeks its hard to get everything in that you want but now i can check this off my list. 

keep checking back for some pictures. 

P.S. Candi and I's party was a hit (more to come on that later...)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Clause Been Here...

I won't lie.. christmas has felt REALLY weird this year. i really miss my sisters. but christmas eve we did all the things we usually do.. we ate and hung out and then went to see the live nativity at Heritage Park.

But-- its SO cold here. SO cold. Provo has made me weak against this kind of weather... but Dad told us to bundle up.. and we did.

Candi sure knows how to pull off the look of snowpants. her bum didn't get cold AT all. i am guessing.. i didn't actually check. actually i just asked.. and no.. her bum didn't get cold.

yah.. go byu.

dad is doing the Shaka in all of the pictures.. you just can't tell sometimes. he still thinks he's in hawaii.

so bundling up doesn't always look so good in a fashion sense.. but it is a necessity. we were wearing layers and layers. dad kept on pretending to take off his pants and get us to scream and ask him what he was doing.. silly dad.. he had on layers of pants underneath.

this is us in the snow. we are smiling.. which is hard to do when you are SO cold.

dad and Jamie.. he is doing the shaka here.. bet you couldn't tell.

here is a picture for those of you who missed it this year.. it was the same as always.

i didn't take any pictures really during christmas day. we opened presents. we ate breakfast. we played wii, we watched the disney parade (ps the jonas brothers are SO hot right now) and we watched Angie, Mike, Brylie, Tyken, and ERIKA open presents in hawaii. we did some puzzles and then we went to kays.

Proof that Aunty Sherry and Mom are sisters. with both of them watching over things in the oven.. things still manage to burn.

Aunty Sherry learned that piano duets sound much better when they are played by two people.

we watched elf and played Dutch Blitz.. it was a fun new game.

Overall.. Such a good christmas. We missed all of you in Hawaii though. a lot. or at least i did.

stay tuned.. tomorrow night we are having an EXCLUSIVE dinner. Dad is cooking. it should be blog-worthy.

peace out

things you shouldn't put in your christmas tree

WARNING: this post contains an absurd amount of pictures

well because of the school that my dad is proudly representing.. the whole family wasn't quite all together this christmas. way to go byu-h. i told erika i would take lots of pictures.. i don't know if i did THAT well.. but i think i covered this night good.

Monday night - Family time at Dave and Brenda's

erika this is us driving there..

and then we got there.. and we helped make lasagna

you can see the lasagna to the left.. and jenelle, jamie, soph and jeff all hanging out

calgary in the winter is perfect when you lack freezer room. sometimes i think outside is colder than a freezer.. i am pretty sure it has been most of the time i've been home. but i am no freezer expert.

does this punch look christmasy and delicious? it was both.

Good thing little rhyse was there to cook us dinner... actually he didn't cook it.. he just pulled it out of the oven for us.

i like this picture because it shows the pure JOY of christmas on sophie's face

apparently i was too busy eating to take pictures of dinner time, obviously it must have been good because i wasn't looking for other things to do during the eating time. but after dinner out came the candy.. and we made some gingerbread (graham cracker) houses.

everyone working..

more of everyone working... can you see me scoping out the competition? was it really a competition? no.. but i do like to be better at everyone at everything i do.

so going with the theme of houses.. candi and i started to make a TeePee. it even had a fire inside. but who's ever heard of a christmas teepee? not me.. and it wouldn't even be fun to decorate. indians believe in 'the great spirit' too.. that takes the Christ out of Christmas right there. so we decided to take our teepee in a different direction

mom and brenda working..

dave working.. he also drew blueprints, as only uncle dave would. too bad he drew them on the BOTTOM of the plate.

Jef with one F's finished product


J.J's. Please note that Joel looks like an arabian woman in the background..





And Candi and I's.. okay so its not a house at all (unless maybe you are a squirrel or a bird)..

Afterward we played some really fun games. i learned 'the thing' game. this is us playing it.

And this is Dad playing it..

let me just say the weather has been SOO cold.. and there is LOTS of snow. i tried to get some pictures showing just how much there is.. but i don't know if this shows much.