Saturday, January 12, 2008

the 4-1-1

okay soo i have been back at school for a week.. and it feels like i've been back for at least 3.. its been really busy since i've been back. but its been a lot of fun. soo here are some pictures from the past week!

Our new best friends live in apt 3-305 and on saturday before their roommate steve returned home they decided to remove all his furniture from his room and hide it in the bathroom. Then Blake decided to borrow someones dog (how you go about borrowing dogs i don't know) and had the dog waiting for steve when he returned home. We set up a hidden camera in the room and the video was well worth it.. and steves reaction. After we went to the nickelcade and i really wish i had some pictures from that because it was really lots of fun.

Above: Steve, Sam (the dog) and Blake

So Sara and I are finally going to the same school, and i love seeing her on campus. These pictures are from the first day of the semester.. we played with these basketball things for like a half hour. well okay mostly sara and brad did.

Monday night was the big LSU OHIO state game . We all wore LSU stuff all day as we had to with 2 roommates being from Louisiana and then had our party that night watching the game. LSU of course came off with a win and we couldn't have been happier. i wish i had pictures of the whole group that was there.. but we couldn't let the people cheering for ohio in our pictures.
Above: Mark, Court, Jackie, Rylie, Brett, Me, BlakeAll of us with the cake that Rylie made for the game

Soo last night we decided to go bowling at the Wilk.. but we had to wait for a lane, and there was a dance upstairs and we hit that up for a bit. it was a ton of fun. I found some facepaint and below are my creations for the night.

Needless to say.. bowling is not my forte.. i scored a 68. HAHAH. We almost won free bowling for naming 3 songs, but someone got there first.. thanks to Angie for helping me look up the songs!


.Ang. said...

You probably would have got there on time if i didn't think you were saying Groovy.. or Ruvy...

Ruvy??? that's not even a word..

ahhhhh i'm an idiot...

Looks like your are having lots of fun! I just finished making all my curtains. And hemming some jeans. and ... Yeah, That pretty much brings us up to speed.

Love you!!


Jacqui said...

HAHAHA!!!! I wish I could hang out with, as grandma would say it, "you people"!!! I absolutely love the whole prank complete with the the hidden camera..... I just gotta say that/you are AWESOME!

p.s. you gotta show me that video sometime!....and it looks like BYU is wayyy more fun than up here. I wouldnt come to the UofA if I were you!


Shel said...

Yeah! LSU. It was crazy here in New Orleans... just ask Matt, Julie & Jocelyn. I could hardly get out of the city at 2:30 pm because of all the people - LSU & Ohio fans. Auntie Shelly

KandyJill said...

Dude I love your pics from the LSU game! You guys look so cool haha. And the story about the dog.. HILARIOUS!! I love it haha. What a good idea for a prank... but it is beyond me how you were able to move all of the furniture into the bathroom. Champion! Upload the video footage asap... I have to see this!

Anonymous said...
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