Thursday, February 28, 2008

pictures i don't remember specifically

Alana, Candi, Grandma-holding Jamie, Angie, Grandpa, Erika

Me, Kristi, Angie, Candi, Michael
yes i am screaming and i don't want to be in this picture above


.Ang. said...

i love those pictures!

As i looked at them i could almost taste the grape juice from that popsicle mixed with the taste of the paper towel of which we would eventually get to.

Good times!

I love how grandpa laughs in pictures! haha

Erika said...

oh... good times!
where are those pictures from anyways?
I don't think I specifically remember them either!

Sonia said...

I remember those times! You guys were always so dang cute . . . I think you need to add a few pix of the towel flickin' days! lol

Hope all is well . . .

Anonymous said...

i am not in any of those pictures
guess who