Monday, February 18, 2008

service opportunities

Twice now i have gone with Blake to help out doing activities with mentally handicapped kids every other friday. These pictures are old and are from the first activity i helped out with... making valentines day boxes. This past week we played with play-doh, made paper airplanes, bowled and played with a parachute. which was really a lot a fun... and interesting. But i really love playing with these kids.


.Ang. said...

Hey Lan,
That looks like so much fun!

I loved all your parachute stories!! REminded me of my adventures in nursery with 18 kids between the ages of 18mos and 3. Maybe a little chaotic.. but SO Much fun!

kandicejill said...

Dude that's so awesome. I love that you guys do that. That's so good! I wanna come one day ;( :D

I love you.