Wednesday, March 12, 2008

courageous canuck country voyage 08

So this weekend, i got the chance to go home to Canada to visit.. and take blake with me so he could see what exactly all the rage was about.

We drove all night Thursday and arrived in Calgary at around ten thirty in the morning. We were super tired, but Friday night we got to go out to dinner with Mom, Dad, Jamie, Erika and jenelle to Moxies. The bathrooms there were the highlight.. with two fireplaces and couches and such.

Later that night we met up with Kandice, and Blake had his first ever Bubble Tea.
I am still not a big fan of the bubbles....

Saturday we went to the mall and walked around Eau Claire Market and surrounding area. Luckily for us the weather was good all weekend.

Probably the best part of the trip for me was seeing Erika in her play "Crazy For You" where she played the lead girl.. polly. I had no idea she had it in her to do it.. and she did amazing! I was so proud of her

Of course a trip to Calgary wouldn't be complete without a trip to Peters. Above:Erika, Blake, Me, Kandice
Below: Erika and Blake

Dad must have been missing Angie, Mike, Brylie and Tyken on Sunday, because after church he put on one of his Hawaiin shirts. Blake had seen a hawaiin shirt in my closet and decided to match my dad.

(The pineapple was just added tropical effect.)

Monday we ventured out to Banff. The weather was once again beautiful.

Blake decided that we should go up on the gondola.. and it was a lot of fun, even though i started to feel a bit scared of heights on the way up.

Below is a picture of blake trying poutine for the first time...
Luckily we got some flames tickets .. and got to go to the game against the St. Louis Blues. The flames won 7-3 and Iginla scored his 365th goal for the flames. We were in the nose bleeds but there was lots of happy drunk people around us cheering loud, and they're half the fun anyways.
We drove back all day yesterday... the drive was long, but the roads were good which is always a blessing when making that trip. It was a lot of fun... i love seeing my family and hanging out with them, we even got to see shelia, darrell, julia and jospeh and Grandma and Grandpa.

Now it's back to school for the last month.. i can't believe the semester is already almost over.


.Ang. said...

alright.. a few points of interest.

- I've lived in alberta my whole life and i dont think i have ever taken a picture with the sign.. although when we went to BC in the summer i thought about it.
-I have never had bubble tea.. can you believe that?
-I SOO wish i could have been at Erika's play!! I know she wanted you and me both to be able to go. I'm SO glad you could make it!!!!... for the both of us.
_ I miss peters! I could go for a cheese burger-NO onions with onion rings and a..... Chocolate.. or chocolate banana.. or strawberry banana milkshake.. or maybe just peach juice
-I love the picture with the ALOHA shirts!!! LOVE IT! especially the little pineapple! I was also thinking about that photo album in your room and got a little worried that he might have looked at it... i can't remember what pictures are in it!! But then i realized that i don't really care... they were probably good for a laugh if he did happen to look at them. especially the ones of us in the van while dad and candi when to an olympic hockey game..
-jenelle looks so much older... Have i been gone that long??
-BANFF!!! I always get a little scared on the gondola too. Not scared enough to freak out.. but scared enough to get a little agitated when the people that aren't scared move around too much! quiet nervous scared!
-it looked like blake wasn't wearing a shirt in the one picture.. I thought he was a little crazy for going to banff with a jacket and no shirt, and also felt a strange sense of pride for him that he felt confident enough to wear his zipper half down.. .then i realized it was an orange shirt and had a good little chuckle (all that happened in about 1.5 seconds)
-You guys are cute!! :)
-POUTINE!!!! oh, how i love poutine!! too bad a) they don't have it here and b)i'm not eating fries this year.. :( did he like it? Blake i'm sure you'll read this.. Did you like it??
-Go flames go!!!! good times..

I'm SO sad i wasn't there to see you!! I miss you so much! It's weird seeing you all together at home and having to watch from a distance! It looks like you had lots of fun and really took it all in! Nice work!

I love lan!!!!! Have a good one..

Anonymous said...

Angie, just so you know...that day i did wear my jacket half zipped down with no shirt, but right before the picture Alana made me put on a t-shirt. So I chose one as close to skin color as possible. As for the poutine, it was tasty, it was just a little weird feeling the oil, gravy and melted cheese seep into my arteries.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun. Who was that good looking guy with Blake holding the pineapple?

It was nice having you home for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

It does look like it was a great week end! I'm glad you were able to do so much. What is bubble tea? And that poutine thing still amazes me, I'll stick to the good old standby french fries and gravy, hold the cheese. I'll talk to you soon.
Auntie Wilma

Anonymous said...

Dear Alana
Enjoyed your blog on your trip to Canada. Your Dad showed me how to add a comment. Your picture are great too. Grandma

Anonymous said...

Dear Alana
Enjoyed your blog on your trip to Canada. Your Dad showed me how to add a comment. Your picture are great too. Grandma

Anonymous said...

Looks like I spend twice as much time as I needed to teach grandma how to comment.


Anonymous said...

That's funny Doug!


kandicejill said...

For starters.. I feel bad that I have YET to comment on this post. Sorry love. Buuut I'm SO happy that you guys came up. And I'm glad I got to meet Blake. Besides... if he didn't come up with you I would STILL be in the dark when it comes to Waterpolo. Now that he's paid a visit... I feel like I've been playing it all my life. I could probably even take him! ;)

Now... starting from the beginning of your post. You guys are CHAMPIONS for driving through the night, I don't know how you did it! BUT I'm glad you did. Bubble tea is SO yummy... I'm glad you were able to introduce Blake to the world of Asia the way Canadians enjoy it too! Americans miss out on so much. Bubble tea is one of the main reasons why I love living in a mulitcultural country ;) I really wish I got to go to Erika's play -- I heard she did amazing. She looks beautiful too. I like her dress -- looks kinda familiar eh? Lol. Mmm Peters. Enough said. Hahaha freak I laughed out loud (literally... not just lol kind... i mean REAL laughter!) when I read about the picture of Blake with your dad. Hahaha ohhh my freak that is so priceless. He saw the hula shirt in your closet so he put it on. Haha that seems so typical... and I barely know the guy. And I love how tight the shirt is on him. Lol what a great photo. I'm glad you decided to capture this moment and share it with the rest of us. And I'm SO glad you had good weather in Banff too. It's so beautiful, I haven't been there in so long. Next time you come up I wanna go on the gondola with you. I have yet to ever go on it. Was it fun? POUTINE!!!!! Poor Americans. They are deprived of so many things. You really were good at capturing the first moments for this Canadian virgin (am I allowed to say that on here? DEAL WITH IT!). I mean, Banff, Flames Game, Poutine, Bubble Tea... all so good but the rest of the world misses out on them. Anyway, I hope he liked it as much as you and I do! Okay now I have a little beef for Blake that you're gonna have to pass on to him. I'm very glad that you found him a shirt to wear to the game... BUT -- HE ZIPPED UP HIS SWEATER!!!! That is NOT okay! You can't even see the flames symbol. If I were there I woulda jumped him for not showing any pride. Next time he comes up he better be wearing a flames jersey to make up for it!

While your giving him that message... remind him how nice his shoes looked at church on Sunday. They looked real nice and polished.

I miss you. I wanna come down and visit you before I go to school. I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Hope you had fun while you were in Calgary.

the Goodbrands said...

ALANA... I was at that flames game too!! How sad that I didn't see you..of even know you were home, but it looks like you had tons of fun!!!!!