Friday, April 11, 2008


so... some of you may know that it is my desire to get into the advertising program at byu. i am currently in the intro to advertising class and we had to a proposal for a fake promotion for the girls volleyball game on april 25th and M&M's. My group was fabulous and we even made a mock-up website with a video on it..(under news section)
check it out

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

a modern stone-age family

This past weekend was a fun. My Mom and Dad came down for Dad's mission reunion (did you know his mission president just got called as a general authority?? my dad told me only like 5 or 6 times so i wouldn't forget) But friday i had a nice lunch and a quick trip to the mall with them before they went to the reunion, which i heard was fabulous, and it turns out the stories that my dad has always told me and my sisters about his mission are true, and other missionaries remember similar things. Mom and Dad were lucky to travel down with grandma and grandpa in their new Prius! Saturday after the morning session of conference, they came and picked me up and i spent the rest of the weekend at aunty wilma's in SLC.

Here is Aunty Wilma working on the birthday cake... it looked good and tasted good as well.

Dad was happy or surprised to be in front of the camera..

On saturday we got to go watch nicole play lacrosse! and they even won. You can tell she has some canadian in her afterall playing lacrosse and all.

Saturday night nicole had a school dance.. and EVERYONE was there to greet her date when he came to pick her up. Poor guy...

So aunty wilma was icing the cake.. and ran out of icing.. so she had to improvise... its a good thing Koshi was around. Just kidding!

I think all her hard work on the cake paid off. Fred turned out great.. even if he looked really tanned. I told her i would edit the photo before i posted it.. and i neglected to do so. I am sorry Aunty Wilma.

So we sang happy birthday to Dad, Blade and Chay.. who's birthdays are all coming up. to explain the number of candles: Dad is probably turning older than 3, blade is turning 3, and sometimes chay acts like he is 3.

Sunday afternoon we went to Liberty Park and went for a nice walk around. It was nice to have Blake around, he is able to handle chay much better than any of us.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

working hard.. or hardly working

Yes- i am aware that finals are about 2 weeks away
and yes i understand that every moment i have i should be preparing for them
but i think there is always time for a quick photoshooot with your bestie

sometimes when we meet up in the library we actually get school stuff done too