Friday, April 11, 2008


so... some of you may know that it is my desire to get into the advertising program at byu. i am currently in the intro to advertising class and we had to a proposal for a fake promotion for the girls volleyball game on april 25th and M&M's. My group was fabulous and we even made a mock-up website with a video on it..(under news section)
check it out


hybridge said...

Alana - looks really good. Amazing what you can do if you have access to the right equipment. Of course you also need the right talent. You are as good as any of the news anchors I've seen on BYU Weekly. Did you really just get random people on campus to be in your video? What kind of reviews did you get on your project. It will be interesting to see what happens at the big game.


kristi Dupont said...

Alana Banana!
I miss you!
thanks for the post on my blog, you're cute!
Speaking of cute how are you and your "friend" doing? I have yet to meet this special guy.

Anonymous said...

That was Great! I'm impressed. Our speaker is sounding weird but you sounded amazing as one of the chipmunks...Alvin??? I'm wondering how many students still think it's for real... And can you really use "butt" on BYU assignments?
I would give the group an "A".

Auntie Wilma

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