Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Papa-baker-hashi.. and needles

Angie and Mike's bread maker was left here and only now was it opened and has since been used daily. Dad has taken a real liking to baking bread and is perfecting his loaves each day. The picture above is him with the two loaves that he made today. he also made some yesterday, and the day before and the day before. it is delicious, and who doesn't like the smell of fresh baked bread all the time? Thanks Papahashi! And all these people said that we would hardly see our dad now that he's bishop..

Tonight after our workout, Candi and i decided to have some fun. More like Candi... she decided to give me an I.V. Not because i need one, just for some more practice i guess (she has done this lots, don't worry.. i'm not the first) and to show us all that she knows how to do it.

Above is her preparing... now i didn't think she'd be able to do it because i was once told that i dont' have good veins and that i should go to the gym and lift some weights and drink more water. And i didn't think that i would be able to do it (neither did anyone else), because i have a small history of sometimes passing out and throwing up on occasion. I wanted to prove to myself that i am brave...

In the picture above i am looking at my arm and not at the table where all candi's equipment was set up, AKA the NEEDLE...

I like my face in this one because i am so nervous and scared and she is just feeling my veins.. both of her hands are visible and there is no needle in sight.. and still i look terrified.

So if you were wondering.. yes i was able to have to start an IV.. was it a pleasant experience? well it wasn't as bad as it could have been... and there is a few videos of the whole thing for you to judge how it all went. In the first video i had my first reality TV moment when i asked erika to stop filming for a minute... and yes those are real tears. But Candi did a good job! thanks candi for that interesting experience.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Zoo Trip

We had a holiday today... and Jacqui and her boytoy Russell came to visit, so we decided to go to the Calgary Zoo. I had a lot of fun, and i think that everyone else had a pretty good time too, even with the place being packed!

We saw almost all the animals (except the gorilla's) starting with the hippos.

My blog is mostly for Ang and her family to keep in touch.. this picture of Dad is for you guys in Hawaii.

The African building housed the hippo's, warthogs, some snakes and the giraffes

One of the main reasons Jacqui came to visit was to make it on my blog... here is her big debut:

Here are just a few pics of the animals we saw.. we def saw more than this, i had forgotten just how good the calgary zoo is.

the Lizard, piranha and kangaroo were all in the Australia n part.. the temperature in there was hot and it smelled really bad and made us all pretty sweaty. That is now what i imagine Australia to be like.
Of course we made our way into what i remember from my childhood as "the butterfly room" where the temperature was also hot and humid. Contrary to what Jamie had said, they still had all the butterflies flying around in the room about our heads.

We were all mesmerized by the baby elephant... Mom said that it reminded her of Tyken cause it was SO cute.

We made our way over the wobbly bridge that wiggles and wobbles as good as i remember it.. and we wandered through the dinosaur part.

(another picture for those in hawaii)

We made our way everywhere.. even the Canadian wildlands where we saw moose, grizzly bears etc... we got to go for a little ride.. i discovered that they are pretty dangerous

Above is us just hanging out with the porcupines.

It was a really fun day with the whole family, we got home and Dad let us all have his new favorite treat: freezies.. he probably ate like 3.
Its always fun to have Jacqui visit.. and i liked meeting Russell. We finished off the day with a barbeque, and brownies and ice cream and some TLC watching. Tomorrow its back to work for everyone, i got a job at Black and Lee tuxedo's and suit rentals, which is totally new to me. I was feeling a little out of element coming home, but after a good breakdown sunday night and finishing up my vision board tonight, I think that i'm back feeling good and excited to do all sorts of things over the next couple weeks, months etc.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

..: tagged :..

I was tagged by Angie.. so here it goes.. 6 random facts about me, Alana Dawn Takahashi:

1. I get a little bit nervous everytime i step onto an escalator. I don't know why. I guess all the stories i heard as a kid about people getting there shoelace stuck in the escalator and getting all cut up scared me. I also think that when i step on or off of it i might miss the step and add another embarassing moment to my life.

2. i am seriously in love... with music. there is nothing better than having that "just right" song come on the radio or next on your ipod. I love to find new music to listen too. I dont just like the musical part of songs though.. i love lyrics. it is amazing to me how someone can put into words something that i feel or am feeling. Angie can do this and i don't know how she does it. I love music of all kinds, jazz, punk, rap, country, classical... some of all of it. But i must admit, erika and i are working part time for a radio station this summer, so far from what i've heard i think their music is weird.

3. i like to cook because i find it a bit soothing. Right now my favorite thing to bake is cookies. i hate it when i make cookies and they don't turn out that good.. so then i find myself making another batch soon after to try to make some that are better. It really is something i can do and it helps me to clear my mind or weigh out the pros or cons of a decision. So if i am baking i am possibly doing a lot of thinking... or maybe i'm just really hungry (okay okay.. probably all of the above)

4. i love to read. i haven't been able to read as much as i wish lately.. but hopefully i will soon. when i was younger i would read and read and read. I have read a lot of books most of them in not that much time. My favorite book growing up was always Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl... something about all the chocolate and candy did it i think. Then there came Harry Potter (still a love of mine) and the all too famous Twilight books are pretty good. I actually have enjoyed a few classics, Little Women and such.. but i didn't really like Jane Eyre all that much. with my growing age i am trying to read more sophisticated books that i can really learn from.. any suggestions?

5. Okay this is kind of a HUGE deal... sometimes i actually think my dad is funny. I will probably regret ever writing this on here.. but its true: he can actually be funny even when he's trying to be. We all know he can be funny when he's not trying to be, he never lets us forget how much we apparently "persecute" him. But sometimes he can crack some jokes or do other things that i find hilarious, Like the time he dressed up as william hung and took pictures. Of course there are other things he does that make me laugh that he probably isnt' doing to make me laugh, like when he tried to learn the dance from highschool musical, when he hurts himself, or we come home to find him watching hannah montana...

6. I am discovering new things about who i am everyday. Its a frustrating, exhilarating, exciting, disappointing, thrilling, ongoing learning experience. I am getting more aware of who i want to try to be and i find myself being able to be that more and more. that makes me happy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Moms Day...

We had a great mothers day... which happens when you have such a great Mother. It started early for some of us as we made breakfast.
we had crepes made by erika.. and they were DELICIOUS! (The above picture was capturing the banana sunshine that dad spent so much time designing.) It was nice to have Grandma Anderson visiting and there for breakfast with us.
(good thing erika made a lot of crepes.. as you can see in the picture candi hoarded them before jamie and mom even got one!)
Of course Dad doesn't like to stay out of the spot light for too long and was made a bishop on mothers day. He is a little scared about the new responsibility and Jenelle said that he should have told them he was moving.. and then when he didn't just tell them plans changed. But he couldn't think that fast.. so now he's Bishop Takahashi. I'm sure he's going to do a wonderful job.
We had a fun dinner and grandma and grandpa Takahashi were there as well as the Kays. We had a lot of fun hearing about Joels trip to Germany and had soem good laughs doing some MadLibs.

Friday, May 2, 2008

all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey.. california dreamin'

well i am back in Calgary for the summer. my winter semester is over, finals finally done with, and now its back to work. what i said in the title of the post is true.. the leaves are brown... and the sky is grey, and i am dreaming of california. before i came back to calgary i had the chance to enjoy the california sun (and a whole lot more than that). My week in California was a blast. I enjoyed it more than i can put into words. It was JAM-PACKED FULL of activities and i had a lot of good company! i am so grateful for all the hospitality of the Nuttall's and for Blake willing to spend so much time with me.

the trip started last saturday.. with blake's car packed full of all his stuff and some of mine. We drove through vegas and down the strip on the way. we stopped for lunch and after feeling overwhelmed with where to eat, i decided on McDonalds... it was really chaotic and my choice of something that was supposed to be fast and simple didn't turn out that way.

When we drove into Orange County on Saturday afternoon it was actually 101 degrees. I love hot weather and so i was happy. I never got a picture of it, but on our way to the beach it got up to 96 degrees. No wonder so many people live in california!

Saturday night we went to The Pizza Store with Blakes mom, dad, his sister jill and her family. The food was so good! I am going to miss it! Sunday was also beautiful, dinner was delicious and Blake and I went on a nice walk to help our food digest. I love how we didn't have to grab a jacket or sweater just in case it got a little cold outside.
Below is a picture of Blake and I on our way to newport beach, where we spent the day Monday. Of course the weather was perfect for laying out and enjoying the sun.

I thought we even saw bigfoot at the beach... just kidding, but that guy was seirously hairy.
we went for dinner at a local crab place... we paid like $15 a plate, and ate off paper, with plastic utensils, we were truly paying for the food, which was pretty good.
Blake's sister let us borrow her beach cruisers and we went for a nice ride down the beach and to 'the wedge'. The bikes were so fun and i am so grateful his sister let us borrow them for the day.

This is at the wedge. The waves are wedge-shaped and crash right on the shore. I was told that they can be pretty dangerous. We also saw some dolphins out in the distance here.. and i was so impressed! i was also impressed with all the guys surfing. (i think i was seriously impressed with everything in california)

Tuesday. We went to SeaWorld! i have never been and it was a lot of fun and cool!! There are some video's at the bottom of this post from seaworld. The animals are all trained and yes i was impressed with them as well. We went on a couple of the rides and got really wet.. which made for a little bit of discomfort, but it wasn't enough to put a DAMPer on things.

We saw the dolphins, the seal's, polar bears, penguins. All sorts of animals, and of course we saw Shamu and his friends!

We even got to feed the Bat Ray's.. it was a weird feeling and i was scared i was going to get a finder or something bit off..

Wednesday. We went to the happiest place on earth! Our friend Samantha hooked us up with some passes, and so we went and hit all the best rides at Disneyland and California Adventure. Below: This is how excited we were to be going to disneyland.

Lucky for us all the lines were really short and we were able to get on a lot of rides. The rollercoaster was so good we had to go twice. Check out blake's face. I was so proud of him that he only wet his pants twice the whole day... haha

Above: I was glad to see some familiar faces in Disneyland on the Jungle Cruise. I didn't expect to see my sisters there.

After winning "rock, paper, scissors" i got to sit in the front on splash mountain... i got drenched!!! But there is no other place i would rather get soaked that Disneyland.
We were at the parks for probably about 6 hours and got on every ride we wanted to get on. It was nice to go with a California native who knew what was the best.

Wednesday night Blake's dad hooked us up with tickets to the Angel's game. We went straight there from Disneyland. It was such a good game, the Angel's even won!

Our seats were great, and the game went by pretty quickly... it was nice to sit and relax after our busy day trying to get on rides.

Thursday. We ended my trip there the best way we could have, going to the temple and doing baptisms. the newport beach temple is BEAUTIFUL! Of course I loved being there and i couldn't have been happier being there!

The picture below is with Blakes dad, and it kind of looks likes we're holding hands.

Above is a picture of me and blake, not his dad, in case you didn't know.
After i got to hangout with Susie (blakes mom) and have lunch with his sister Amy. I laughed a lot and had a riot.

The week was, as you can probably tell, really busy, and i feel like i need a vacation from my vacation. But now i am on the search for a job and wishing i was in California...
But really i was glad to come home and be with my family after being gone for so long. Tonight we had a 'party' and went to T&T (an asian market) and got some mochi ice cream... which was pretty good! Oh and earlier today i was candi's seeing eye dog. Things at home are really fun too! haha