Friday, May 2, 2008

all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey.. california dreamin'

well i am back in Calgary for the summer. my winter semester is over, finals finally done with, and now its back to work. what i said in the title of the post is true.. the leaves are brown... and the sky is grey, and i am dreaming of california. before i came back to calgary i had the chance to enjoy the california sun (and a whole lot more than that). My week in California was a blast. I enjoyed it more than i can put into words. It was JAM-PACKED FULL of activities and i had a lot of good company! i am so grateful for all the hospitality of the Nuttall's and for Blake willing to spend so much time with me.

the trip started last saturday.. with blake's car packed full of all his stuff and some of mine. We drove through vegas and down the strip on the way. we stopped for lunch and after feeling overwhelmed with where to eat, i decided on McDonalds... it was really chaotic and my choice of something that was supposed to be fast and simple didn't turn out that way.

When we drove into Orange County on Saturday afternoon it was actually 101 degrees. I love hot weather and so i was happy. I never got a picture of it, but on our way to the beach it got up to 96 degrees. No wonder so many people live in california!

Saturday night we went to The Pizza Store with Blakes mom, dad, his sister jill and her family. The food was so good! I am going to miss it! Sunday was also beautiful, dinner was delicious and Blake and I went on a nice walk to help our food digest. I love how we didn't have to grab a jacket or sweater just in case it got a little cold outside.
Below is a picture of Blake and I on our way to newport beach, where we spent the day Monday. Of course the weather was perfect for laying out and enjoying the sun.

I thought we even saw bigfoot at the beach... just kidding, but that guy was seirously hairy.
we went for dinner at a local crab place... we paid like $15 a plate, and ate off paper, with plastic utensils, we were truly paying for the food, which was pretty good.
Blake's sister let us borrow her beach cruisers and we went for a nice ride down the beach and to 'the wedge'. The bikes were so fun and i am so grateful his sister let us borrow them for the day.

This is at the wedge. The waves are wedge-shaped and crash right on the shore. I was told that they can be pretty dangerous. We also saw some dolphins out in the distance here.. and i was so impressed! i was also impressed with all the guys surfing. (i think i was seriously impressed with everything in california)

Tuesday. We went to SeaWorld! i have never been and it was a lot of fun and cool!! There are some video's at the bottom of this post from seaworld. The animals are all trained and yes i was impressed with them as well. We went on a couple of the rides and got really wet.. which made for a little bit of discomfort, but it wasn't enough to put a DAMPer on things.

We saw the dolphins, the seal's, polar bears, penguins. All sorts of animals, and of course we saw Shamu and his friends!

We even got to feed the Bat Ray's.. it was a weird feeling and i was scared i was going to get a finder or something bit off..

Wednesday. We went to the happiest place on earth! Our friend Samantha hooked us up with some passes, and so we went and hit all the best rides at Disneyland and California Adventure. Below: This is how excited we were to be going to disneyland.

Lucky for us all the lines were really short and we were able to get on a lot of rides. The rollercoaster was so good we had to go twice. Check out blake's face. I was so proud of him that he only wet his pants twice the whole day... haha

Above: I was glad to see some familiar faces in Disneyland on the Jungle Cruise. I didn't expect to see my sisters there.

After winning "rock, paper, scissors" i got to sit in the front on splash mountain... i got drenched!!! But there is no other place i would rather get soaked that Disneyland.
We were at the parks for probably about 6 hours and got on every ride we wanted to get on. It was nice to go with a California native who knew what was the best.

Wednesday night Blake's dad hooked us up with tickets to the Angel's game. We went straight there from Disneyland. It was such a good game, the Angel's even won!

Our seats were great, and the game went by pretty quickly... it was nice to sit and relax after our busy day trying to get on rides.

Thursday. We ended my trip there the best way we could have, going to the temple and doing baptisms. the newport beach temple is BEAUTIFUL! Of course I loved being there and i couldn't have been happier being there!

The picture below is with Blakes dad, and it kind of looks likes we're holding hands.

Above is a picture of me and blake, not his dad, in case you didn't know.
After i got to hangout with Susie (blakes mom) and have lunch with his sister Amy. I laughed a lot and had a riot.

The week was, as you can probably tell, really busy, and i feel like i need a vacation from my vacation. But now i am on the search for a job and wishing i was in California...
But really i was glad to come home and be with my family after being gone for so long. Tonight we had a 'party' and went to T&T (an asian market) and got some mochi ice cream... which was pretty good! Oh and earlier today i was candi's seeing eye dog. Things at home are really fun too! haha


Anonymous said...

Dear Alana,
Thank you for not only being my seeing eye dog, but also dealing with my hearing deficit today as well, I would have been a disaster without you!
PS, wasn't it nice of us girls to come and visit you in Cali, I want you to know that took a lot of planning, and gorilla suits are not cheap these days!

Anonymous said...

I got tired just following your week. Glad you had such a fun time in California.
Hope you find a job. Enjoy the cool weather. 100 degrees is not for me.
Congrats on passing your courses!
Love Guess who?

.Ang. said...


looks like you had lots of fun!!! 100 degrees is NOT for me either!! I'm happy with a nice even 80 degrees or so.. EVERYDAY! California does look like fun though! i'm impressed with your rollercoaster pictures!!! if i was in one of them i would be the face that everyone would laugh at! Tyken looked SOO cute in that gorilla suit. And i don't look to shabby myself. Candi is right.. ALOT of planning!!!

Anyways, hope you find a job soon so you can come visit!! (and so you can have a job)


Kayla said...

#1, loveeee your hair! sooo cute! :)
#2 the newport temple IS beautiful. i was able to go to through before its dedication in 2005 and it's one of my favorites. jealous you got to do baptisms in there!

definitely looked like you had fun in the great state of california!! :D

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect week! Sorry we missed seeing you before you left, we'll see you this summer though. I was impressed with the posing for the pictures on the rides. I definately need to find out more details about Candi, I guess I can write whatever I want about her because she can't read this...

And they have mochi ice cream in Calgary, who knew.
Auntie Wilma

kandicejill said...

Ooooh my gosh I was SO excited just now when I saw that you had a new post! Yayyyy! So glad you had so much fun in California! You guys sure look SO excited to be at Disney Land. Made me wish I was there with you guys! I love youuuu -- I'm so jealous of your trip! Sad I can't be at home with ya!! Hopefully I'll see you in the next couple of weeks though! Good luck on finding a job! I LOVE YOUUUUU

Sonia said...

looks like a great time in cali . . . I like warm weather but the weather in Cali is better than the weather in Vegas! AUGH!!!
Good luck with the summer job, being away from Blake and hanging in Alberta (I hear it's been CHILLY)