Friday, May 2, 2008

happy birthday jenelle!

Here they are.. the pictures from Jenelle's birthday for Mom, Jamie, Angie, Mike, Brylie and Tyken like I promised. Luckily i got home in time to watch her open presents and eat some of her cake.
Above is the signature pose.. i hope you like it Brylie.
Below: the green zip-up from Erika (look at how excited she looks.. it just gets better and better)

Above: "SHARPIES!"... she really wanted these for her birthday actually, once again her face says it all, or something like.. "aww you guys.. this is what i wanted"
Below: yes that is FULL HOUSE on DVD
Jenelle lucked out with me being in California, and others in Hawaii
Above: Hollywood Canvas tote
Below: Necklaces and i think a bracelet from Hawaii

Above: Her card from Brylie. We were all impressed with how well brylie wrote 'jenelle' on the card
Below: A shirt from Angie, Mike, Bry and Tyken

Below is a picture of everything all put together. We all laughed really hard because of Candi.
Haha.. yess that is where candi was the whole time i was trying to take a picture.
Look at how happy or scared Jenelle looks in the picture below..

WE miss all of you guys.. but i think her birthday still turned out really good!


Anonymous said...

Appears Jenelle had a great birthday. I enjoyed all the pictures Alana. It was nice that you were able to be home to celebrate.
Congratulations! Your dad said you did well in your exams. You can relax until the next term.
Enjoy your holidays and summer employment.
Love Grandmabashi

Jacqui said...

is jenelle laughing or crying in that last picture!?! It almost looks like she is in pain....

Anonymous said...

Sorry we didn't touch base with each other before you went home...where did you store your things? Thanks for the birthday pictures, it looks like Jenelle loved everything she received, and it looked good on her! I'll have to ask her if I can borrow her coconut bra... I did see that didn't I? Peek-a-boo Candi...

Auntie Wilma

Anonymous said...

next time i go to utah i will make sure i won't forget the bra!!
thats just for you auntie wilma :D
and i was laughing so hard i was in pain