Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Moms Day...

We had a great mothers day... which happens when you have such a great Mother. It started early for some of us as we made breakfast.
we had crepes made by erika.. and they were DELICIOUS! (The above picture was capturing the banana sunshine that dad spent so much time designing.) It was nice to have Grandma Anderson visiting and there for breakfast with us.
(good thing erika made a lot of crepes.. as you can see in the picture candi hoarded them before jamie and mom even got one!)
Of course Dad doesn't like to stay out of the spot light for too long and was made a bishop on mothers day. He is a little scared about the new responsibility and Jenelle said that he should have told them he was moving.. and then when he didn't just tell them plans changed. But he couldn't think that fast.. so now he's Bishop Takahashi. I'm sure he's going to do a wonderful job.
We had a fun dinner and grandma and grandpa Takahashi were there as well as the Kays. We had a lot of fun hearing about Joels trip to Germany and had soem good laughs doing some MadLibs.


.Ang. said...

First of all those crepes look DELICIOUS!! mike made me crepes too!!! I love crepes! mmmmmmm

Secondly.. I like dads Banana sunshine! hahaha I can just imagine him fiddling around with the fruit forever so it looks perfect, then trying to be subtle and hint at his beautiful creation. Then after hinting for a while, straight up asking everyone if they saw it and what they thought of it. (and he'd put his arms up with his pointer fingers and thumbs delicately placed together and do his little hip thing and head tilt.. maybe i'm the only one that notices that) then he'd end up whining because no one liked his banana sunshine. When actually everyone did. But they got sick of him talking about it. hhaha

And last of all... Erika is sitting in my spot. I hope she doesn't get to comfortable!!!

Ps.. I REALLY DID love dads Banana Sunshine

Happy mothers day!!!!

Love the orchids

Anonymous said...

Sorry we didn't make it in time for breaskfast. Those crepes look delicious. I love your dad's creation.
It was good to see you all again.Its always fun at your house/ Love GrandmaT

kandicejill said...

Oooooh my goodness I just died laughing at Angie's comment haha. The funny thing is... I don't even live with you but I can TOTALLY picture that in my head... and that's sooo something he would do haha.

But yes... tell Erika those crepes look fantastic and now I'm really craving one! Mmm so good! And I too love your dads Banana Sunshine lol. That looks like the most delicious breakfast I have ever seen! Bet it tasted even yummier!

Crazy about your dad becoming bishop! He's gonna do such a good job! I bet he's a little overwhelmed right now! Just tell him he has a lot of people praying for him so he should be okay ;)

And... tell Mamma Taki Happy Mothers Day!


(oh, and i updated my blog!... finally)

Anonymous said...

what's funny and sad at the same time is that two of the pictures didn't show up the first time I opened the blog and so I didn't know why I couldn't see a banana sunshine that everyone was commenting about, so I kept going back and looking at the first picture of the fruit on the table trying to figure it out and concluded that I just wasn't going to get it. Then the 4th time I went back, "the" banana sunshine picture showed up and "I saw the light". Grandma told me about the updated blog and I'm glad she did, I hadn't realized it had been so long since I checked your blog. Everyone is looking great, along with the crepes. I want a crepe...

Auntie Wilma