Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Papa-baker-hashi.. and needles

Angie and Mike's bread maker was left here and only now was it opened and has since been used daily. Dad has taken a real liking to baking bread and is perfecting his loaves each day. The picture above is him with the two loaves that he made today. he also made some yesterday, and the day before and the day before. it is delicious, and who doesn't like the smell of fresh baked bread all the time? Thanks Papahashi! And all these people said that we would hardly see our dad now that he's bishop..

Tonight after our workout, Candi and i decided to have some fun. More like Candi... she decided to give me an I.V. Not because i need one, just for some more practice i guess (she has done this lots, don't worry.. i'm not the first) and to show us all that she knows how to do it.

Above is her preparing... now i didn't think she'd be able to do it because i was once told that i dont' have good veins and that i should go to the gym and lift some weights and drink more water. And i didn't think that i would be able to do it (neither did anyone else), because i have a small history of sometimes passing out and throwing up on occasion. I wanted to prove to myself that i am brave...

In the picture above i am looking at my arm and not at the table where all candi's equipment was set up, AKA the NEEDLE...

I like my face in this one because i am so nervous and scared and she is just feeling my veins.. both of her hands are visible and there is no needle in sight.. and still i look terrified.

So if you were wondering.. yes i was able to have to start an IV.. was it a pleasant experience? well it wasn't as bad as it could have been... and there is a few videos of the whole thing for you to judge how it all went. In the first video i had my first reality TV moment when i asked erika to stop filming for a minute... and yes those are real tears. But Candi did a good job! thanks candi for that interesting experience.


kandicejill said...

Ooh my gosh so much to say!
Firstly -- Tell Papahashi that I am EXTREMELY impressed with his baking skills. I want him to bake me a loaf when I come home! :D Haha that is so awesome. I'm glad that you still see your dad even though he's Bishop.

Now OH MY GOSH THE NEEDLE! Okay I like FREAKED at this WHOLE post. I must first let you know how proud I am of you and your bravery. I have a bit of a needle phobia so you my friend are a CHAMPION! No offense to Candi -- but who would actually let someone PRACTICE on them? You're amazing!

**Again... I totally trust you Candi... but you will never touch these veins with a needle, unless of course my life depended on it... even then it's iffy** (that's my needle phobia talking!)

I swear Alana... only you would do something like that to prove your bravery -- and that's why I love you. Haha. It's kinda like your want to be sprayed with pepper spray just to say you've done it! Haha you're crazy.

And Oooh my Hellen I TOTALLY enjoyed your Reality TV moment. There was definitely no acting there... I know your real tears when I see them! Haha part way through the first one I realized my body was SUPER tense cuz I was like freaking out on this end haha... and the needle isn't anywhere close to me haha... how lame am I?

Anyway, I basically just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you. That is amazing! Soo scary though.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I was smiling just watching Candi laughing so hard and you doing the laughing/crying thing. You both did well. I was looking for the flashback of blood in the catheter...

Is all the bread eaten each day? And will Bishop Tak... be suppling the Sacrament bread each Sunday? With you baking cookies, your Dad baking bread, and I'm sure there's more going on there, I think I would like to book a room for July for 5.

Auntie Wilma

Anonymous said...

You are a good sport Alana to let Candi practice on you.Its important that she gets the practice. After all you want her to be the best I>V. nurse there is. Some can be pretty lousy.
I can almost smell the bread your dad is making.He must have got the culinary genes from my dad. -- or was it from his own dad
You girls seem to have barrels of fun. You will hate come- when some leave for school.In the meantime enjoy each other.
Bye for nowl Love you all... Grandma T.

.Ang. said...

So i thought i commented before but then realized i was just talking to you and candi on the phone.. i thought i'd write something anyways!

I love that candi has medical supplies and you use them for fun!!! haha It makes me laugh! Good job for actually letting her do it!! and You totally were reminding me of dad when you were laugh/crying and with the fact that you are SO afraid of needles. But really you are brave! you are usually up to trying new things!! We've had some fun with that!! Remember our recipe for making Buckleys not so bad... AND remember how NASTY pink carnations taste???

. And candi always reminds me of auntie wilma when she laughs really hard. Maybe because they always end up in tears semi-hyperventilating. Good times!!!

I love that dad is using the bread machine. AND that he is using his Hawaii five-0 Shirt! did you know that we got it from the ONLY guys that sells those at the swap meet? :)

HAHAHA... is he supplying sacrament bread?? Auntie Wilma- you make me laugh!

AND last i wanted to comment you on how good you are looking. Both of you!!!! But I saw the pictures and i was like.. WOW alana looks really good. That is a good color on her.. Then i noticed that you were wearing the shirt i got you.

YOu honestly look SO good in that color!

jaQ-ee said...

That is sooo hilarious that you guys are practicing IV's.... it is so random and that is why i know we are related. lol. I was scared watching that just because you were all laughing so hard and i know that if i were laughing and trying to put a needle in someone it would probably get a little messy!!!!!!!!!! so well done girls!

P.S. i would like to order three loaves of 60% whole wheat bread and some chocolate cookies.....and some sweet and salty!!

Sonia said...

Oh my . . . first off . . . Did it take this long for "Papahashi" to start baking bread? Remember all those bun cooking classes that Jim gave? That bread does look fabulous and of course fresh bread everyday is great!

You gals make me laugh. I think I want to move in . . . AGAIN! 'Cept I don't think I'd let Candi touch me with a needle . . . not that I don't trust her, but I'm like you and only get them when I absolutely have too. You video made me laugh hard. . . I was trying to picture Legs stickin' ya and hoping that she'd stop laughing before she did! Glad all went very well!

Nicole Breanne said...

That is absolutely disgusting. I am pretty sure I almost fainted watching that. I couldn't watch it all.. like a gross or scary movie when you don't want to look but you want to at the same time.

Ahhh I still can't believe you did that. You are my hero. No joke.

The S.S. Minnow said...

DUDE- first- i didnt know your dad was bishop. 2nd. BREAD- DIVINE. my dad and I tried that and had fatty saltines- we apparently dont know how to use a breadmaker. third. i want to work out with you. 4th- in the picture where you have your hand on your face, i was doing the same thing scrolling through the pics... i love you.

The S.S. Minnow said...

ok and p.s. what up with the novel-length comments?! i guess there is a video too? i didnt see that load on this comp... i'll have to check later. love you.

dallin and glades blog said...

does an iv hurt?