Sunday, May 18, 2008

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I was tagged by Angie.. so here it goes.. 6 random facts about me, Alana Dawn Takahashi:

1. I get a little bit nervous everytime i step onto an escalator. I don't know why. I guess all the stories i heard as a kid about people getting there shoelace stuck in the escalator and getting all cut up scared me. I also think that when i step on or off of it i might miss the step and add another embarassing moment to my life.

2. i am seriously in love... with music. there is nothing better than having that "just right" song come on the radio or next on your ipod. I love to find new music to listen too. I dont just like the musical part of songs though.. i love lyrics. it is amazing to me how someone can put into words something that i feel or am feeling. Angie can do this and i don't know how she does it. I love music of all kinds, jazz, punk, rap, country, classical... some of all of it. But i must admit, erika and i are working part time for a radio station this summer, so far from what i've heard i think their music is weird.

3. i like to cook because i find it a bit soothing. Right now my favorite thing to bake is cookies. i hate it when i make cookies and they don't turn out that good.. so then i find myself making another batch soon after to try to make some that are better. It really is something i can do and it helps me to clear my mind or weigh out the pros or cons of a decision. So if i am baking i am possibly doing a lot of thinking... or maybe i'm just really hungry (okay okay.. probably all of the above)

4. i love to read. i haven't been able to read as much as i wish lately.. but hopefully i will soon. when i was younger i would read and read and read. I have read a lot of books most of them in not that much time. My favorite book growing up was always Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl... something about all the chocolate and candy did it i think. Then there came Harry Potter (still a love of mine) and the all too famous Twilight books are pretty good. I actually have enjoyed a few classics, Little Women and such.. but i didn't really like Jane Eyre all that much. with my growing age i am trying to read more sophisticated books that i can really learn from.. any suggestions?

5. Okay this is kind of a HUGE deal... sometimes i actually think my dad is funny. I will probably regret ever writing this on here.. but its true: he can actually be funny even when he's trying to be. We all know he can be funny when he's not trying to be, he never lets us forget how much we apparently "persecute" him. But sometimes he can crack some jokes or do other things that i find hilarious, Like the time he dressed up as william hung and took pictures. Of course there are other things he does that make me laugh that he probably isnt' doing to make me laugh, like when he tried to learn the dance from highschool musical, when he hurts himself, or we come home to find him watching hannah montana...

6. I am discovering new things about who i am everyday. Its a frustrating, exhilarating, exciting, disappointing, thrilling, ongoing learning experience. I am getting more aware of who i want to try to be and i find myself being able to be that more and more. that makes me happy.


.Ang. said...

my first comment will be a quote from Bryile when she saw this post.

"aww.. She andorable".. yes, you heard me correctly!!ANdorable

You are pretty adorable!!! I agree, i think dad is really funny. I'm not even going to be ashamed to say it!

7.did you know that you have a tiny tear in your eye in all those pictures.. I have that too. Only when I'm REALLY smiling though.


Anonymous said...

I think your Dad has a great sense of humor! The cupcakes look great! And your eyelashes look more amazing than ever! It was enlightening to find out more about you.

Auntie Wilma