Monday, May 19, 2008

Zoo Trip

We had a holiday today... and Jacqui and her boytoy Russell came to visit, so we decided to go to the Calgary Zoo. I had a lot of fun, and i think that everyone else had a pretty good time too, even with the place being packed!

We saw almost all the animals (except the gorilla's) starting with the hippos.

My blog is mostly for Ang and her family to keep in touch.. this picture of Dad is for you guys in Hawaii.

The African building housed the hippo's, warthogs, some snakes and the giraffes

One of the main reasons Jacqui came to visit was to make it on my blog... here is her big debut:

Here are just a few pics of the animals we saw.. we def saw more than this, i had forgotten just how good the calgary zoo is.

the Lizard, piranha and kangaroo were all in the Australia n part.. the temperature in there was hot and it smelled really bad and made us all pretty sweaty. That is now what i imagine Australia to be like.
Of course we made our way into what i remember from my childhood as "the butterfly room" where the temperature was also hot and humid. Contrary to what Jamie had said, they still had all the butterflies flying around in the room about our heads.

We were all mesmerized by the baby elephant... Mom said that it reminded her of Tyken cause it was SO cute.

We made our way over the wobbly bridge that wiggles and wobbles as good as i remember it.. and we wandered through the dinosaur part.

(another picture for those in hawaii)

We made our way everywhere.. even the Canadian wildlands where we saw moose, grizzly bears etc... we got to go for a little ride.. i discovered that they are pretty dangerous

Above is us just hanging out with the porcupines.

It was a really fun day with the whole family, we got home and Dad let us all have his new favorite treat: freezies.. he probably ate like 3.
Its always fun to have Jacqui visit.. and i liked meeting Russell. We finished off the day with a barbeque, and brownies and ice cream and some TLC watching. Tomorrow its back to work for everyone, i got a job at Black and Lee tuxedo's and suit rentals, which is totally new to me. I was feeling a little out of element coming home, but after a good breakdown sunday night and finishing up my vision board tonight, I think that i'm back feeling good and excited to do all sorts of things over the next couple weeks, months etc.



.Ang. said...

ummm... hello, the whole family was NOT at the zoo.....

other than that it sounds like a fun trip to the zoo!!! In the first picture Erika looks worried... and there are only 6 and a half white people visible.

I love Jacqui's debut pictures! and the pictures for all of us in hawaii.

The one of you guys in on the arch thing reminds me of ARCHES and dad almost dying while trying to snap a family picture! HHAHHAHAHAA love it!

we totally have pictures of us on that bear when we were little

AND... ironically Brylie and I started writing a story Called. "an elephant Named Tyken" Named and written By bryile. Before we even talked to mom today! hahaha Funny stuff. (Believe it or not, it is about an elephant doing it's homework)

ANyways, looks like fun! wish we could have been there!! I love the ZOO!!

I better get back to MY ZOO post now


kandicejill said...

I am in love with the candid pic of you Erika Jamie and Janelle! It is so cute! You Taki's are all so beautiful! I wanna go to the zoo so bad. You and Emily both have recent posts from going to the zoo and now I feel need to get my fix in. Maybe while I'm in Calg this weekend. Anyway, LOVE YOU and see you this weekend !:D

erika said...

I DO look worried in the first picture... its great!
lets go to the Zoo again.. I want to steal the baby elephant because it was just SO cute!

the Goodbrands said...

HEY!! We were at the zoo yesterday too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is that picture of all of you hanging out with the porcupines taken on the side of the road? (...your Dad will understand...)

Great pictures! And great looking teeth Jamie!

I kind of like you being out of school for the summer Alana since now I had another blog to read regularly.

Auntie Wilma