Sunday, June 22, 2008


Hello.. Its me again.

This post is dedicated to my sister Angela Rae Takahashi. I love and miss you! This is proof that Erika has taught me how to play some Gee Tar.. i just started learning on Tuesday. its not too great yet. But playing has really helped me to feel close to Ang when she is so far away.. Thanks Angie for always bringing music into my life and always sharing your songs with me. I dont' know if anyone really knows about what it was like when we shared a room... at the time i didn't think i would look back on that time and miss it as much as i do... Angie discovered guitar and would often play most of the night, if not all night.. and sometimes i would sleep and sometimes i would just listen to her. Angie (like all my family) is very talented and has always had a way with writing songs, singing them and accompanying herself on the guitar.

Thanks to Erika for teaching me and singing with me.. i'm not a singer so this is kinda huge. And her patience in teaching me was greatly appreciated. Thanks to Schuyler Fisk for her song.. it is a little sad, but a good first song to learn. Remember i just started playing guitar since tuesday.. i'm not soo good yet and i realize that the video doesn't ACTUALLY show all of the guitar, but it is me playing.

I hope you enjoy Ang. Love you and miss you!


.Ang. said...

Thank guys!!!!! that was AMAZING!!!

i swear i cried through the whole thing!!!

i needed that today!

ih, and it sounded like youve been playing since monday at least!!! jk... the chord changes were awesome!! the pauses only seem long to you!!

i miss those good ol days sharing a room!!! Thanks for being my fan from the beginning!!

I really loved this!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

That was impressive! You're obviously a quick learner! voices on my speaker are high for some reason but I could still tell the singing was amazing, I didn't hear anything "pitchy dawg".

Keep up the great work, and the bond is so strong with you and your sisters that you were subconsciously there for Ang when she needed is wonderful.

Auntie Wilma

Anonymous said...

Alana you are amazing!! I agree with angie, atleast monday!!! lol, I find myself reading your and angies blogs alot when I feel a little homesick!! I enjoyed living in calgary and really getting to know you better and miss hearing those familiar sounds of the guitar and voices!!! love you all!!!!
p s candi is coming to visit me and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!

Nicole Breanne said...

Oh my goodness!

YOU GIRLS! ... wow. You are amazing. Can I be a talented Takahashi please?

That was honestly brilliant. I want a recording of it to listen to it all the time okay?

Love you both!

kristi Dupont said...

I love you guys!
This made me smile

jaQ-ee said...

ya right you dont sing alana. It sounded awesome and u are a super pro for only playing since tuesday. Good singing both of you! And cute song. LOVE YOU! come sing to me soon! Or we can sing together. :)

Michael Jay said...

and if you sing together with Jacqui make a video!!!


why do you never sing for me Jacqui?

Michael Jay said...

This is angie apparently logged into mikes account..

the one before was me too


jaQ-ee said...

haha that was kinda awkward. but it would've still been cool even if it was mike

Anonymous said...

Okay, I listened to the video with the sound acurate, and that is very impressive, and Alana, you can sing VERY well. I would buy the cd. And to think of how you must be playing today(Monday)....
Auntie Wilma

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's Tuesday so it's been a full week! Auntie Wilma

K's said...

Heavenly!! Thanks Alana-luv that gee-tar - look forward to see ya soon! Luv ya!!
Auntie Sher

Shel said...

That was fabulous. I'm so impressed. I miss all you guys and have been missing everyone so much. This was so great ... I cried and cried... good though. I love you so much. Thanks for sharing. You are awesome. Auntie Shelly

dallin and glades blog said...

youre a way better singer than glade!

dallin and glades blog said...

wait till i tell ben you play the guitar he'll go nuts he looooooves the guitar youre a really good singer!