Saturday, June 7, 2008

its something unpredictable and in the end its right

As some of my blog readers might know.. Erika had her graduation celebration on friday. But we started staying up late the night before at our house. Thursday night i had to remember what i had learned in cosmetology as i did some quick highlights in erika's hair for the next day. They turned out just how we wanted them too.. its always a little bit nervewracking to do any color and to do it the night before a big event til one in the morning so i'm glad my memory didn't fail me.

Jenelle did Erika's nails while i did her hair.. looks like she got the royal treatment.

Mom was still up too.. but working on a temporary hem for Erika's dress that she finally decided on a week before her grad. Thanks to Nicole and Aunty Wilma for the great find and for their generosity in letting Erika borrow it for her grad.

We all still managed to wake up and get to the ceremony in time (okay so i went there with wet hair and not any make up....) and Erika walked the stage. I wish i had the pictures on my computer of that.. but dad has them on his camera. I wish i had a camera with me to take pictures of all the funny things you could only see at a graduation... the ceremony was pretty long and so Jenelle and i took a nice little breather and went to the food court.. where we ran into some teachers that were supposed to be at the ceremony. And there was also this row that could only be some grads boyfriends all with roses... haha. Just like any other year at Churchill half of the class was asian and so there were many chow's, wang's, wong's etc in her graduating class.. haha that always makes me chuckle a litttle bit. Jamie had some school priorities and so she didn't get to join us and we missed her there. But CONGRATULATIONS ERIKA! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!

It was also my favorite brother-in-laws birthday.. and we couldn't forget to celebrate that either even if he is in Hawaii... so we had this ice cream cake in honor of him.. it was a perfect fit with the palm trees and everything.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!! I miss you, and i hope it was a good one and all your birthday wishes came true!

It was Erika's grad day too soo we had to congratulate her as well with cake..

Luckily there is this really amazing guy at Dairy Queen (or so i've been told) and he is really good at writing on the cakes RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES.. so we were able to say all we needed to on one cake.

We had a fun little bbq after the ceremony and then it was time for me to get to work again on erika's hair and make up.. Thanks to Jenelle for being our unofficial pony and getting everything we needed.

its times like these when i really wish i was in hair school or going to go to hair school.. i seriously love doing it... i guess maybe one day. (and then maybe i will learn how to do my own hair. it isn't particularly good looking in any of these pictures.. i was too involved in erika's hair to do my own)

Stage one: Curling.. erika looked like one of the old ladies who's hair i used to do with it all in curls like this..

Stage 2: Pageant Hair - She reminded me of someone who should be from Texas competing in a beauty pageant. or an older darker-haired version of shirly temple BAHAHAThe finished result: i think it turned out okay.. its literally been a couple years since i've done a real up-d0 or half an up-do..

Scroll up to the next post to see the whole thing... she looked amazing! luckily she gave me a lot to work with so helping to make her look beautiful was easy for me


kandicejill said...

Her hair looks BEAUTIFUL! I'm very proud of you and your talent that obviously hasn't left you! I went to get a pedicure yesterday at Evan's Hair College here in the Burg and it was SO fun -- it made me miss it SO much. I wanna go back to school for it too. I saw people doing fingerwaves and they'd like struggle with them and I just wanted to jump in there and steal a mannequin and do one myself haha. I LOVE IT! I miss it!

Momtana said...

I keep on feeling so amazed by my beautiful daughters. The happiest feeling is when I see them helping each other along life's journey. You are all so talented in your own unique way.

Because of Auntie Wilma's fine shopping skills and Nicole's kind generosity we had this beautiful Tadashi dress. Many thanks to our Utah relatives...we miss you and look forward to seeing you soon.

Next...Alana did a great job blogging the events of grad preparation. Thanks for all the little details that you helped Erika with. Your talent with hair and makeup...even though you were not feeling 100% was amazing.

Erika, you are beautiful inside and out. We love you and are so excited for you to be at this stage of life. You have prepared yourself well. Congratulations!

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to have family! I love blogs...I feel like I haven't missed a thing. Alana, I love how you did Erika's hair and she looked amazing, she's "the whole package" (is that alittle awkward coming from me?...)

Auntie Wilma

Sonia said...

Did I miss the part of you and cosmotology school or something? where was I, or where were you?

You are very talented and Erika looks amazing. I was just thinking about when she was born. I remember where I was, and what I was doing that July day . . . It's been a while obviously since she was born, but in reminiscing, just seems like a few years . . . not 18! (i'm aging myself rather quickly!!!!)

Tell her congrats! I'm so proud of her and will hopefully be seeing her & Ang both in Hawaii . . . (makes it a real good excuse for a vacation now!)

Erika said...

Thanks alana for the post! Not every day I get a post for me!! Thank you again for all your help on my hair and makeup and just EVERYTHING... it would have been so much more stressful without you!
I also hope that I will see you (Sonia) in Hawaii, I don't think I have seen you for about 5 years.... I somehow always miss you!

Shel said...

Love your post and all the pics. They are great. Miss you. Luv ya,
Congratulations Erika