Sunday, June 15, 2008

pictures of jamie...

i have gotten some really good pictures of jamie lately.. and i wanted to share. We may even try to do a 365 days of JJ.

Jamie seems to have problems with eating too much.. one too many chocolates, a little too much hot chocolate.. etc and this is the result above.

the other day we heard 'HELP' and went upstairs to investigate only to find that the shower curtian had fallen on top of jamie.
Today after she had just woken up..
i know there are only 3 so far.. but there will be more to come i'm sure.

Last night i stayed in and painted with erika.. i wanted to copy a painting i had seen on etsy.. and so this is what i ended up with. ( i spelt indestructible wrong..) Erika was working on something too and once its done i will try to get a picture of it up on here... there is nothing like creating and doing projects.. i love it. I am happy with my painting, and i left the imperfections on purpose.. but i think that they may bother me ..


.Ang. said...

I MISS jamie!! :(

I love the painting!! even with the spelling error.. I've been feeling like painting lately.. But i have no paint or brushes or ANYTHING... it would probably cost too much....

But really, i like it alot!

jaQ-ee said...

I love jamie. She's hilarious! Every one of those pics is such a GEM.

cute painting by the way. I wanna make some random art with you next time i visit! :)

Anonymous said...

In that first picture it does look like Jamie may have had too much "liquid" to drink...

Nice job on the painting, Etsy is a great site isn't it.

Looking forward to more on the chronicles of Jamie.

Auntie Wilma