Saturday, June 14, 2008

carrying the banner

welll.. i had this brilliant idea that i would deliver the paper to earn some extra money over the summer... mom said she would help me out.. today was my first day.. and my last. haha i guess i'm just not cut out to be a newsie, i am a little sad because it looks so good on the movie ( i must admit that all the newsies are boys..) okay i'm not that sad. I didn't enjoy doing it today at all.. it brought me back to my younger year when once a month i would deliver a community newsletter for a measly 15 bucks i think and i hated that, why did i forget how much i hated that until after i tried this today? Thanks mom for trying, and dad for helping us out today!

but there is good from this.. i got up early this morning.. how early? 3:45 - it was beautiful out and the birds were chirping.. i do love the early morningg.. but early as in 6 , not 4.

Mike and Ang how did you manage to do papers for so long? I have a new found respect for you guys!


.Ang. said...

We had some good times delivering the banner!!!! Good job for trying!!!!

Maybe you just need a cute little boy to help you sell papes... "scuse me miss, could you buy me last pape?"


jaQ-ee said...

What is that movie clip from? and IS THAT CHRISTIAN BALE!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

LOVEEEE him! <3

.Ang. said...


You should be ashamed of yourself Jacqui!

jaQ-ee said...

i was only allowed to watch james bond and star wars during my childhood.

Lana Dawn said...

its Newsies...
so sad you've never seen it