Sunday, June 15, 2008

"this isn't my first fathers day"

For a great tribute to the fatherly figures in my life also see here.
Well Today is fathers day! i have been blessed with the BEST DAD in the world and i am so grateful for him...
i'm so glad for all the laughs we've had (there have been many...) and for the latenight talks and Iron Chef watching, i am grateful for him teaching me all kinds of things, how to cook good chinese food, why shortbread is shortbread and endless things on the computer, he has always been one to get things done and figure out how to do it himself because 'we have the technology', i like the way that he can laugh at himself or pretends to when we are laughing at him, and how humble he is. I cherish the memories of all the family vacations and i am sorry that we weren't always the best at waking up in the mornings and staying to our schedule, i'm glad that he is always at events with a camera in hand. he always has been in the audience for every piano/voice/guitar/violin recital and basketball and volleyball games. Patience should be his middle name. i had the opportunity to work with him last summer and i loved the experience with him. Thanks for everything dad! I LOVE YOU!

Below: my dad and his dad making ice cream. I have been blessed with amazing grandpa's as well. Check out Angies blog for a great tribute to them.

We started out fathers day celebrations last night and gave dad his gift.. Guitar hero. After playing it at a Grad Party for Erika we knew he would enjoy this. If he had had any boys he probably would be a real gamer..

Be sure to check out the video clip of him at the bottom... he's still on easy (the end of the video is the best part)

We had a wonderful breakfast early this morning before his meetings.. we had crepes again.. i made them this time and they weren't as good as erika's.. we also gave him a candy jar for his bishops office...

Then tonight after meetings we had his favorite Teriyaki barbecued salmon and pineapple, a great salad made by mom and roast potatoes. Dad couldn't stop talking about just how good he thought all the food was, with a "mmm" with every bite, and he ended up eating too much (we now know where jamie gets her overeating problem from)

Me and Papahashi today by the bbq.. he looks kinda like he's about to sneeze

Now a little something for those a little further from home (Angie and Mike).. today was beautiful and i thought you might like to see what you are missing.. you should add to your list Ang that there is nothing like the blue blue sky in Calgary...


.Ang. said...

I love the video!!! haha SOO Funny!! it kinda reminded me of the asian kid that plays keyboard in the school of rock! The "i'm not cool enough to be in the band" Kid.. you know who i'm talking about!


I'm sad that i missed out AGAIN!!! it's times like these i feel SUPER far away!!!! Especially when I'm awake and everyone else in my house is Sleeping :( I miss you guys tons!!!

Happy fathers day dad!!

.Ang. said...

ps.. Brylie keeps telling me how my dad is a rockstar...

"you dad has guitar hero so he can be a rockstar... did you know that?"

jaQ-ee said...

That's exactly what I was going to say! Your dad looks like a rockstar!! I expecially loved the fan club and the crowd participation :)

jaQ-ee said...

k, seriously, how long does it take for your videos to load? I have a couple I want to put up but everytime i try, they "apparently" load for literally nine hours and still dont finish so i give up because i have to take my comp with me somewhere. SOOO annoying!

kandicejill said...

Ooh my gosh your dad is hilarious! I love that it's a complete family event. I can just see your dad "Okay now for family night, we're all gonna gather around in the living room and watch me play Guitar Hero" haha... No but it's so great that you guys all love to hang out together -- I love that about your family. Seeing your fam makes me miss mine! I love you. Tell Papahashi Happy Fathers Day for me will ya?

Anonymous said...

To bad I can't hear the video-only an occassional noise. Still no high speed here.
Appears you had a great Fathers day for your Dad,
Happy to hear that he is a great Dad.He was also a great son.
Grandpa and I had a quiet day and in enening went to someones 95th birthday, It was old home week because all the people who had moved from Picture Butte were there.
Loved all your pictures.
Did you really just deliver papers one day. I agree
3:30 is a bit early to get up. How are your other jobs? No job is easy -its just that some are easier than others .Good luck in your summer employment. Experience in all walks of life may help you in the long run.
Love you all, Your Fathers day food looked yummy.

Anonymous said...

You don't know how disappointed I was that I couldn't find the Dad/William Hung picture but, trust me, if I ever do, I'll email it to you and it will be good on the blog ANYTIME!

Your Dad definitely was having fun on the Guitar Hero, and I loved hearing all the laughter in the background, Grandma missed out on that.

The food does look delicious, what did you put on the pineapple? And I like the idea of putting the fish on a baking sheet.

Auntie Wilma

Sonia said...

Your dad has always been and still is a great sport!!!
I always love your posts!

dallin and glades blog said...

i wish i had guitar hero! is your dad good at it?

P.S.(this is dallin)