Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are YOU my family?

Okay Story time. This story is mostly fictional, but the pictures are real.

On Monday night we went to have FHE at Bowness park. When Candi and I got there there was SO much going on. So many families Candi started to get a little confused.

We saw a nice family of five,Candi asked, "Are they my family?"I looked at her and said, 
"Really? No that isn't our family, there are no little boys in our family!"
"Oh Ya!" said Candi

Then we saw a family on bikes.
"Are they my family?" She asked of the next group we saw.
"No, That isn't our family! We didn't bring our bikes, remember?"
"Oh ya!" said candi.

Then we saw this family.

"Are THEY our family Alana?"
"No, not them either. We don't bring bars of soap to the park and wash our faces, and wear scarves over our hair."
"oh ya!" said candi.

Then we saw this family with canoes.

"Are they our family?" she asked of the next group
"No, we didn't have enough room in the van for all those canoes," was my reply
"oh Ya!" said candi

Then we saw these menonites.

"Are they our family?" she asked once more.
"No, we have more than two sisters and we don't wear black things in our hair and we watch TV," I told her
"Oh ya!" she said

Then we saw this family of ducks!

"Are they our family?"
"No, we can't even understand what they say, and we don't like swimming as much as they do."
"oh ya!" said candi.

Then we saw this family of bikers.
Getting a little sad and worried she would never find our family she asked again, "Are they our family?" 
I answered, "no, we have never been arrested and we are scared of the Hell's Angels!" (okay so i know they aren't the hells angels, but it makes for a better story!)

Then we saw the Brady's.
"Are those happy people our family?"
"No, our family isn't the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls, all of them with hair of gold,like their mother, the youngest one in curls. or the story of a man named brady, who was busy with three boys of his own, of four men, living all together, yet still all alone.  And there is no one day when the lady met this fellow, and they new that it was much more than a hunch. That this group would somehow form a family and all become the brady bunch in our family."
"Oh ya!" said candi.

She was almost in tears when we saw this!

"I think i finally found them! Is this our family?" She said excitedly.

"Yes, this IS our family! We are a Pyromanianic, hugging, smiling, weirdly posing family!"

And she was SOO happy!


(Inspired by the childrens book "Are you my mother?". Feel free to read it to your children as a bedtime story)

But actually our trip to Bowness was a lot of fun.

This is Mom showing Dad how to build a fire. i am not lying!

We roasted marshmallows (we forgot the graham crackers) and got eaten by mosquitos! what more could you want??


K's said...

Definitely an award winning story!!!lol It is worth publishing!! Auntie Sher

Michael Jay said...

I loved that story! And we DO read that to Brylie at night sometimes.

.Ang. said...

That was my favorite story ever!!! Haha!! I haven't seen the brady bunch at bowness FOREVER!! it's good to see them again!!

Remember the time we tried to start a fire at bowness and there was snow everywhere and it was cold and wet, and crazy! haha those were good times!

Much x 18293103829108903243.343

I love you!

jaQ-ee said...

I thought of the story as soon as I saw the blog title!! Haha. That was really enjoyable and funny. Thank you! I can't believe how many different "types of families" you saw.

And i'm so glad candi found her family in the end. And that she made it on your blog. I know how excited i was when i showed up on the page!!

Sheila said...
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Sheila said...

And you thought I never read your bogs.

Loved the story! I got excited about the family with the canoes - thought it might be my family and then got really excited when the Brady Bunch family showed up.

It is so nice to keep up with family.

Maybe one day I will start a blog.

kandicejill said...