Monday, July 14, 2008

Brylie.. You forgot something

 Jenelle cleaned her room (which used to be the one that you and your parents slept in when you lived with us) and she found something that belongs to you. We teased Jamie and told her that they were hers, and so she tried them on. she looked pretty funny and they are WAY too small but we thought you would like to see some pictures of it and i told you i would put some on my blog.  Maybe we should send you them back in the mail.  We miss you Bry!  Thanks for talking to me on the phone the other day and singing so well for me. you are a good singer just like your mom!! Love you girlfriend!


Anonymous said...

this could be a new trend, and the fact that Jamie got the forgotten item of clothing on like she did is amazing to me, that's a mighty trim girl...
Auntie Wilma

kandicejill said...

Haha I love the low rise -- and the suspenders to keep them up. Hot!

.Ang. said...

Brylie laughed so hard when i showed her this! haha

Jamie, you are SosososososoSOOO cool

Love Jamie..