Sunday, July 20, 2008

finer moments of the week

This week has been filled with quotes from my dad that have brought us to tears a couple of times.. because we have been laughing so hard. he thinks its weird that we laugh at him when he's not trying to be funny, and then when he is trying to be funny we don't. He never thinks we are listening, but we always are.. at least enough to catch him if he says something that doesn't make sense or something that we find to be funny.

he told us why he had lots of his scars at dinner one night.. and used the phrase, "and my face was all bleedy and stuff.." he tries to tell us all the time that english is his second language, and we believe him

and jamie and jenelle were in one of there usual arguments this week and when we thought he was about to step in and take his position as father and discipline these words came out of his mouth, "We need another numchuck and then they could just fight eachother!" it didn't make sense to any of us.. apparently he was talking about boxing on the wii..

On thursday night Erika scored us some tickets to the Stamps game, and so Erika, Jamie, Jenelle, Dad, Candi and i all went. There is nothing better than a good ole football game. Our seats were awesome, and the stamps won!

Direct quote from Dad..: tonight erika is my favourite daughter

I guess i'll let erika have ONE day as the favorite daughter.. i mean i get tired of always being the favorite.

After the game i went to the midnight showing of the NEW batman movie! it was SOO good! Heath Ledger played his part of the JOKER so well! He was definitly a creepy villian, and the movie was def worth staying up past 3am for!

This week i also found out something about my house. Something that i wish i had found out about sooner. We have room service. The other night i wanted a cold glass of water really badly.. and no one would run upstairs and get one for me. So i picked up my cell and dialed a number. A nice man answered, i asked if he was room service.. he seemed confused, and then i ordered 3 cold glassses of water with ice.. after we cleared up the confusion, Candi (who didn't think i should ahve called in the first place..) also decided she wanted a glass. And the man on the phone finally understood his job and asked if we wanted crushed or cubed. A few minutes later our water was delivered.. As if he doesn't do enough already.. PAPAHASHI is our own live in room service clerk.


.Ang. said...

Sounds like you guys had a great week!!!! YAY For the random person that gave Erika all the tickets to the stamps game!!

hahahha "My face was all bleedy" that almost sounds like something candi would say :)

I laughed outloud when i read what he said about the Numchuck! hahahaha Ohhhh... I dont think he was talking about the wii!

Did we have room service when i lived there?!?!?

Actually I kind of did!! dad was so worried that i was going to have the baby at anytime. Someone ALWAYS had to be with me JUST INCASE!! I could have milked that!


Anonymous said...

What do you mean that sounds like something I would say???

The S.S. Minnow said...

THAT PICTURE DOES LEGIT LOOK LIKE YOUR DAD!!! Ok, well not REALLY but still... I love that. I miss you loooover. Just a few more weeks till I can be with your beautiful self. And I love all your sisters. Get Candi to come down and live with us, then we will all go to Hawaii and see Ang, ? GOOD EH? Miss you...

jaQ-ee said...

k. i couldnt contain myself when i read about your "new discovery." I am sitting here all alone in the basement and i burst out laughing, and almost spitting all over the place when i read about the room service. And all of Uncle Doug's quotes were pretty hilarious as well. Good post! Bahaha.

Michael Jay said...

I think the thing i miss the most of home is your dads comments.