Monday, July 14, 2008

fuel 90.3

So.. the reason i was stampeded out was because i worked everyday of the stampede minus one for the radio station Fuel 90.3... they play what they call "classic alternative" music and even though i was convinced i didn't like their station, after having to listen to it a bit, i realized i actually knew some of the songs they played.  I learned SO 
much working for them.  A lot about radio, and then even some about the game rockband.  
I was working my regular tuxedo store job during the days and then stampede at night and so i am feeling kinda burnt out.  But it was worth it.  My job was to man our booth and make sure everything ran smoothly for our XBOX 360 Rockband competition. 
I can safely say that i would be fine if i didn't play that 
game again for a few months, and if i hear ENTER SANDMAN by Metallica i would gladly go to sleep, and if its Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi, i choose dead. 
But actually i met a lot of cool people, and got to play quite a bit of rockband. The competition in itself brought out all kind of basement nerds.  
People took the competition quite seriously and some even brought their own tools (drum sticks, drum pedals, their slippers that they always play in at home etc.)  I do love people watching and so it was great. 


kandicejill said...

Haha oooh gosh I suck at those games so bad! Definitely not coordinated! I totally agree though... those songs get SO overplayed. Anytime I hear one I have to switch the song cuz I too have watched Rockband too many times. And I'm not coordinated enough to play it so I'm always the groupie -- maybe that's another reason why I hate those songs! Haha. That's so funny that some of those people are almost "superstitious" and bring their own things to play with. Haha gotta love the weirdos that find their way into our lives through the stampede!

.Ang. said...

haha i'm so glad you got to watch So many people do that!! haha I'm sure that was SOOO Entertaining!!

AND were you or were you NOT in an airconditioned building?!?!

If so, you REALLY lucked out!!!

I'm glad you don't have to work 2 jobs any more though! that sort of thing gets old quick!