Monday, July 14, 2008

the greatest outdoor show on earth

There is so much buzz about The Calgary Stampede. What exactly makes it so good?  Well, i am a bit of a nerd and so below i have compiled a short list of reasons to LOVE the greatest outdoor show on earth or at least my reasons for this year:
1.  The Flags
The excitement starts weeks before the stampede when the flags go up ALL over the city.  They always go up when the weather starts to finally be nice.  You can't help but start to count the weeks til the stampede starts.  

2.  The whole city gets involved

Where else can you eat for free all week?  and Wear jeans to work for a week?  The whole city uses the stampede as an excuse to go COUNTRY.  It is so fun, all the buildings downtown and throughout the city have murals painted on them. 

All the billboards even get cowboy-ed out.  I just love it.  There are stampede breakfasts and bbq's all week everywhere (this year there was this to help).  

3. You can wear a cowboy hat

It doesn't matter your race, size, shape, color, age etc. Anyone and EVERYONE enjoys sporting the cowboy hat during stampede week.  And you also see hates of every size, shape and color.  Not even just on the grounds.. its EVERYWHERE in the city. :)

4.  the C-train

5.  The grounds/fireworks every night
They seem to get bigger during stampede and there is so much to do/see/ and eat.  This picture was taken right before the fireworks went off.  The fireworks every night are always pretty sweet. 

6.  Free concerts
The coke stage is always full of good free concerts.  Tonight i got to take a quick break from work and watch some Plain White T's.  This years line-up was pretty good: finger11, puddle of mud ( i got to meet members of both bands), natasha beddingfield, derks bentley, lifehouse etc. always a little something for everyone.. and its free once you get in.    

7. Job Opportunities
The stampede was where i had my first job, like my older sisters.  My first job was where angies was here.. at the Pizza place.. where we made/sold pizza for 14 hrs a day.  We always had a blast and made some good friends and shared Tons of laughs all week.  I still miss working there!

8.  the food
the corndogs, the mini donuts, the candy apples, cotton candy, pizza, pickles on a stick, ice cream, lemonade, funnel cakes etc.
all of it is HORRIBLE for your health.. but just so greasy and delicious for once a year. 
I tried a couple new things this year.. mac and cheese wedges.. which were actually SOO good!

and i tried deep fried oreos.. also good, even if you feel your arteries closing up while you chew. 

9.  All these people love it.. why shouldn't you?
there are always crowds at the stampede.. everyone else is loving it because there is a little something for everyone.  I didn't even brush on the rodeo and the young canadians.  The rodeo and the chuckwagons should be reason #10, i didn't get to go to them this eyar so i didn't have any pictures.  But seriously, it is what the stampede is all about, so it is kinda a huge deal.  

10.  It ends when you are tired and leaves you excited for next year.


Anonymous said...

WOW, I think I love the Stampede also! I see again why you were able to get a near perfect grade on your advertising assignment. And even with "nerdy" glasses you look good.
Auntie Wilma

kandicejill said...

Dudeee I wish we coulda hit up the Stampede together! I miss you working at the Pizza place by the Grandstand show this year -- I miss you giving me free pizza! :( And I'm super sad I never got to see you last weekend except at church... but nonetheless.. it was good to see you! I love the stampede for those VERY reasons... and ahh I miss living in that blessed city during the season! I LOVE YOU and I LOVE the stampede!

kandicejill said...

Ooh and how were those deep fried Oreos? I TOTALLY forgot to try one and I wanted to so bad. I've heard they're absolutely delicious. Also -- Where on earth do you find those Mac & Cheese things? I've never seen those before. That looked SO yummy!

.Ang. said...

Ummm i LOVED this!!! :)

I'm sad that i missed out this year! But there will always be another year! (i hope.. that would be strange if they stopped stampeding randomly!)

We DID have some good times making Pizza pies DIDN"T WE>!?!?!

Calgary, Do you wanna go FAZZSTTTTTER!?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

How much did I love the mac and cheese. I wont lie, I was not to excited to try it, but now that I have, it will become a new stampede tradition for me!
Thanks for helping find a new stampede love!


Anonymous said...

You changed your hair color! It looks good on you
You were a busy girl--but it was fun wasn't it?
It makes an exciting 10 days.Now you can relax for awhile and catch up on your sleep. Your Stampede job sounded interesting. It would have been nice if we could have seen you in action at th booth.
Your holidays are going fast. WE will have to come and see Erika before she leaves. You girls will really be spread around. The nicest time in your lives is when you are all at home.. Right?
LOve you all Hello to the rest,, Love Grandmabashi